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After Nine Tonight has been a very personal but amazing journey for us.  It has truly rekindled the spark in our relationship and we hope it can do the same for you.

About Suzanne Olds, After Nine Tonight

Did your sex drive plummet after you had kids?  Has your lack of desire turned sex into a source of stress, guilt or conflict in your marriage?

I found that my sexual thoughts evaporated once I was trying to balance the demands of kids, the household, my family, and a career.  I dreaded that 10 o’clock should tap; I wanted sleep way more than I wanted sex! 

But what I didn’t realize at the time was that while I didn’t need it, my relationship did.  Physical intimacy was a form of communication for us as a couple and without it, we seemed less close, less in love.

Reversing this slide required both an understanding of the role that sex plays in a healthy relationship, and also how to overcome the typical decreased desire that most busy moms experience.  After talking with my doctor, researching female desire, and having many long conversations with my husband, we formed After Nine Tonight.

After Nine Tonight

After Nine Tonight is about rekindling the passion that so often dims in long-term relationships – especially while we are trying to balance the demands of our children, our households, our families and our careers. We are committed to helping busy parents, busy moms in particular, to understand why our desire for intimacy decreases, and more importantly, providing some tips and tools to get it back! 

We have created two tools for busy parents coping with low desire:

1) a website to inform, encourage and support parents who are impacted by low desire and/or a much less satisfying sex life than what they used to have; and

2) a film series to entertain, engage, and arouse unlike anything on the market.  Our episodes are only 15 minutes long and intended to de-clutter a busy mom's mind and then create mental arousal so that she will actually want intimate interaction more than sleep.  Yes, actually want it!  The characters are all married couples with situations that are plausible and the focus is on build-up to an encounter vs. just an encounter.  They are intended to be about an R-rating to be acceptable to a large audience.   The short running time is in recognition of the limited time (and energy) most parents have each night after the kids go to bed. 

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