Busy Parents, Rejoice! Rev Up Your Sex Life In 15 Minutes Or Less

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How to take your lagging sex life from "Mission Impossible" to "Mission POSSIBLE"!


Yes, being a busy parent can put a SERIOUS damper on your sex life! From hanging out with the kids, to being weighed down by those never ending household chores, fitting in private time with your partner can feel like mission impossible. Which leads us to the million dollar question:

How do we spice things up in the bedroom when we're SO exhausted all of the time?

Despite popular belief, being a parent does not automatically mean that we have to say goodbye to our sex lives. Seriously! There are plenty of ways to bring those sparks back into our relationshipsIt just takes some (ahem) exploring to get there. 

AfterNineTonight's Dr. Suzanne Olds and Doug Olds wants us to ignore all of those clichés by letting us in on a secret:

You can get in the mood in JUST 15 minutes.

And watching erotic films (or reading books) is a great way to get the ball rolling, but don't just take our word for it: 

According to Psychology Today, at least 20 to 52 percent of women have experienced a low libido, but the study also found that erotica actually helped increase sexual desire, arousal and overall satisfaction. 

How's that for great news?

If you're really serious about spicing up sex with your partner, you can check out AfterNineTonight's sexy films. Not only will these videos bring back that "je ne sais quois" to the bedroom, they also help rekindle your romantic side. How's that for an added bonus? 

Take your lagging sex life from "Mission Impossible" to "Mission POSSIBLE" in no time! Trust us; you'll thank us later.