Busy Mom? How To Sneak In Some Much Needed Sexy Time [VIDEO]

Finding ways to connect intimately is so important for your relationship.

OK, parents, we've got to ask you this burning question. Are we the only ones who feel that now that we have kids, our sex lives have pretty much become nonexistent? Outside of sneaking around when they're at school or on a playdate, it almost seems like there isn't enough space in the day to fit in sexy times with our partners.

But does it seriously have to be that way? Even though it can be really hard trying to find some time to be intimate with our love, it doesn't mean that sex has to come to a grinding halt just because we're busy caring for the kids. According to After Nine Tonight's Dr. Suzanne Olds, there's a foolproof way for us to tackle this problem. Recent studies have shown that 80% of women experience a drop in sex drive after having a child which just proves that we're not th only ones who have experienced this. Two of the reasons why it can be super hard to get our sex lives back is because:

  1. We're so focused on taking care of the kids that we don't even realize that we're neglecting our partners.
  2. Being tired after a long day of work makes us feel way too exhausted to try anything in the bedroom.

She definitely has a point when she mentions that "While kids can be all-consuming, it's important to maintain a strong relationship as a couple. And having regular sex can help more than you'd expect." At the end of the day, finding ways to connect intimately is important for your relationship because it'll help bring you closer together. Visiting After Nine Tonight for some helpful films on how to get in the mood is the first step.