The #1 Way To Bring That Spark Back Into The Bedroom

Intimacy is so important for your relationship.

With the kids always keeping us on our feet, trying to sneak in some alone time with our partners is pretty much like mission impossible. That doesn't even factor in the fact that half of the time, we're so exhausted after chasing the kids all day that getting in the mood for sex is definitely not one of our top priorities (but catching some much needed Zzs is!). But that's only half of the battle. Even though having our husbands constantly nagging us for sex when we're just not feeling it can be super frustrating, we hate making them feel like they're being rejected. There has to be a way to find some kind of middle ground.

Hearing Dr. Suzanne Olds mention a few reasons why our partners keep trying to convince us to be intimate even when we're tired put things into perspective. Sometimes, it's hard to remember that sex isn't just about the physical. If we really think about it, sex is just as important to our husbands as talking is for us. We can't even imagine what it'd feel like if our partners didn't talk to us for weeks, months at a time. After being away from each other for so long, having that moment alone helps our partners reconnect with us. When it comes to bringing back those sparks in the bedroom, these short, arousing films from After Nine Tonight work wonders.