How To Manifest Happiness And Joy (When You Really, Really Need It)

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Manifesting Paradise

We pull up to the resort, and I am excited and can feel the anticipatory building in my stomach. Our butler puts us on his golf cart and begins to drive us through the property as I am struck by a small glimpse of a pure blue ocean and palm trees. I am in amazement at the architecture and the attention to details.

We pull up to our Villa and I hold my breath. I have waited, dreamed, and planned for this moment, and to see if I was able to manifest my dreams. This vacation is uniquely special to me, and I want to make sure it’s as magnificent as I imagined. I open the door, and my jaw hits the floor, and then my breath catches in disbelief.

I step forward and take in the view of the pure turquoise ocean that is sparkling like diamonds from the late afternoon sun. My eyes then move to the patio bed and the beautiful outdoor dining area. I am in complete awe of what my eyes are seeing and I send a quick, "Thank you, thank you, thank you" to the Universe.

The sight before my eyes is better than anything I had ever created in my brain. I have spent the past few months dreaming of this vacation and sending positive energy towards wanting to have the experience of a Goddess for myself and my travel companion…and the Universe listened!

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I remember spending the rest of this vacation in awe of the beauty and wonder of the many aspects of my personal manifestation. The beautiful sound of waves against the rocks as we slept outside one night. A sunrise that was breathtaking, filled my body with energy and wonder, and left me in a state of complete bliss for life.

Food that was present any time it was wanted and a bed that was fit for a queen and a ‘bathtub’ that could fit 15 of my closest friends!

During the trip, my travel buddy made a comment that I had just set a new standard for myself and so would continue to manifest the spectacular in this area and she was correct because, now, I simply expect that if traveling then it will be amazing.

This trip was almost exactly one year ago and it still brings joy to my heart when I look at the pictures and think of all the true craziness. Though it also serves as a great reminder when I turn to fearful thoughts about manifesting my dreams.

Prior to this trip, I believed in manifestation, but I was not confident in my ability to manifest at a certain level.

Sure, if I wanted to manifest a parking spot, a text message, a small cash flow, but I was not confident in my ability to manifest my deep and big desires. In turn, my lack of belief made me block the receiving of these mind-blowing dreams.

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Though when planning this trip, I allowed myself to truly get in the zone and really allowed myself to dream, directly ask God for what I desired and let go of the outcome.

That was the key on how to manifest — directly asking for a letting go process. This is how I ended up with not just a room, but a view and an experience that left happiness coursing through my body.

If I’m honest, I sometimes forget the power I hold in manifesting and that, at times, I could make my whole world so much easier by asking and then letting go.

I am a natural A-type personality that tries to push, push, and push some more for things to work out the way I want, but this never gets us truly in alignment with God and our goals. No, it leaves us stressed out, energetically drained, and constantly wishing there was more and that everything didn’t have to feel like a struggle.

Newsflash: not everything has to be a struggle. It wasn’t meant to be a struggle. God wants us to have ease and to pull down all the blessings we desire in relationships, money, joy, love, and even material possessions.

We are the ones turning away from these blessings. We do this by trying to control, to push, and demand they show up just in the exact manner we stated.

We squeeze and squeeze and squeeze all the joy and positive energy out until we are only sending negative vibes out, which will only end in your blessings slipping through your fingers.

Recently, when working with clients, I have had several talks with me about not having the life they desire, but also not believe at their core that they can have it. This is the issue because if we don’t have belief and are stuck in doubts, then we will never be able to call these things into our lives.

Sometimes, the issue is that the dream is so different from the current reality that the person can’t truly wrap their heads around the true picture.

This is usually when I suggest dialing things back just a smidgen, not giving up, but just to a more believable point for the person. Because if someone can’t pay rent, then it may be hard for some to truly believe that they can be a millionaire next month. So getting in alignment and dialing things back can, sometimes, help with the belief.

Other times, the work is in the self! Yep, so many people walk around in a state of feeling as if they don’t deserve it, and so this blocks any beauty and blessings that God is trying to pour down. Now, this could be an overall issue of deserving or could be a deserving focus on one area, whatever the case, that needs to get sorted!

This is when you have to do the personal growth work on yourself and learn to love yourself before you can manifest all the amazing-ness in your life. No matter if it’s an overall feeling of unworthiness or if it’s focused on money, time, attention, or love, the deep work must get done in order to swim in all your yummy blessings.

I’ll tell you a secret that when I manifested this luxurious vacation, I didn't think that I truly believed that I deserved such luxury. (Yep. Hi, Addison’s inner shift from a year ago).

But the truth was that I knew that my friend deserved the best most luxurious, amazing vacation on the planet. I could get behind creating an amazing experience for a friend 100 percent. Otherwise, I’m not certain of that I would have been able to manifest something so outside of my scope at that time.

Now, it’s totally in my scope and honestly, I have quickly learned to simply expect that God is going to rain down blessings of luxury, play, and enjoyment when I travel. Though to continue to pull a luxury in my life, I had to do the inner work to remove my blocks in this area.

Where could you be holding yourself back in calling in your blessings? Where are you not fully in alignment with the things you are trying to manifest in your life? Where do you need to work on your issues?

Is it worth it to you to deep-dive into yourself in order to crack open the world of your dreams? To most people, it’s not, and I can say that because, otherwise, we would all be doing our work with voracious passion.

Many people like staying stuck. It’s comfortable, but it won’t bring you manifesting a paradise, your dream relationship, or even simple joy and happiness.

Step in today and do your work! Step into your bliss today!

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Addison Bell is a Tantric practitioner, Sex/Relationship Coach, Law of Attraction Coach (plus a few other coaching certifications), Author, Reiki & Holistic Practitioner, Ordained Minister, Body-Image Expert, and has a Master’s in Counseling.