Body Image

Years in Practice

6-10 years


Plano TX 75024 - United States



Additional Expertise

Energy Healer, Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Sex Educator, Spiritual Coach

I Practice in

Multiple states/provinces, please inquire



I Believe

"Reawaken your Sex and you will Reawaken your lIfe!"

About Addison Bell

Namasté, I’m Addison!

I’m a Tantric practitioner, Sex/Relationship Coach, Law of Attraction Coach (plus a few other coaching certifications), Author, Reiki & holistic Practitioner, Ordained Minister, Body-Image Expert, and have a Master’s in Counseling …. which all basically just means I adore books and learning!

What I really want you to know about me is:

I am a Sexual Goddess, an Orgasm Scholar, a Lover of Life, and a Spiritual Seeker!

Check out my webpage HERE!

One of the first things I learned about myself growing up was that I LOVE helping people, I see their unique beauty, and enjoy sharing my gifts in a loving way. Hence why I feel aligned with the term Namasté. I work to see the divine light in each person I meet since everyone has a story to tell and a message to share. 

I stand here on the shoulders of Giants (my friends, tantra teachers, and spiritual gurus)! 

 I am Raw, Passionate, and Honest about the topic of SEX. With over 10 years of skills and knowledge in the field there is nothing that you are going to say that will shock me. I am both serious and playful in and out of sessions!

I will push you! I will challenge you… but even more so I hope to inspire you! And I promise to love you along the journey!

I truly believe that YOU can have an Orgasmic, Mind-blowing, Juicy Life if you want it!

Featured/Published on:

Elephant JournalRebelle SocietyThought CatalogVitality LinkSelfgrowth.comEzine , Consumer Health Digest

Radio – “Owning Our Sexuality” w/ Dr. Michael Harris

Interviews- https://deepnerdmagazine.com/my-body-and-me/

Addison Bell Success Stories

Psychedelic Awakening (Adventure Session Testimony)


"I was so impressed with the attention that Addison took in my recent adventure session. I had been feeling blocked and shackled by so many things that had occurred over the last year to 18 months in my life and Addison suggested we do an adventure session where I would turn myself over to her guidance and let her help unshackle me from my fears, my doubt, my shame, and my resistance to allow help. So I agreed.more

The session started out at the entry of the destination where she had items lined up for me to transfer the homework that she had given me. Once I got everything done in this stage she had told me to put a blind fold on and called out that I was ready to venture forward. She came to my side and guided me delicately to another space where she had me breathe and remove my garments. Then she took me through a deeply emotional process of feeling all the weight that I had been carrying and asked me if I wanted to relieve myself of this. As I gained trust in the moment and in myself I began to remove each weight and finally asked for her help to clear myself of all that I had been carrying.

From there she took me through a sensory exploration of releasing each layer that had been stunting me.The process she took me through allowed with deep permission for my awakening, revealing the new beautiful layers of my heart, soul and physical self. A few hours passed and after she cradled me in love and spoke affirmations of strength, beauty, healing and revelation to me she removed my blindfold and I found myself carried away to a psychedelic land of positive vibes. I stood naked before a mirror, with glow in the dark paint on my flesh, a beautiful light show before me, words I had desired to own for myself written in glow in the dark ink on the mirror and her soft voice of encouragement that I deserved and could have it all.

This adventure session was one of the most deeply profound sessions I have ever experienced with a tantric guide. I am in eternal gratitude for Addison’s care, attention and guidance in helping me move forward in a difficult time of my life.”-Renee, Dallas TX

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