How To Have Deeper, More Connected Sex With Your Partner

Want to get your partner screaming your name in bed? Here are the steps to help!

How To Have Deeper, More Connected Sex With A New Partner weheartit

Let’s be honest, new partner sex can be awkward at times as both people learn the others likes and dislikes. Sex can often make or break a relationship and so with a new partner, it can be stressful and a major time of focus and decision-making. If a partner isn’t able to satisfy us in bed, then they may soon become an ex-partner. 

Sex is a vital part of any relationship but also to us as humans. When we are sexually satisfied, our bodies will be more balanced physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


How to have better sex that's the most fulfilling that creates these benefits is the deep, connected sex and the way to take sex with a new partner to this deeper and more orgasmic level is through sexual communication. 

You can create a deeper connection with a new partner by simply talking. Prior to jumping into bed, have some "sexy" talk where you find out more about what each other enjoys in bed. Then, when you are engaging in sex, make sure you are asking if things feel good, if they want something different, and speak your own desires.

Your partner can’t read your mind and so the more communication is happening, the better the sex will be. And when you're engaging in intimate sex, don't forget to do these 4 things:


1. Maintain eye contact.

The eyes are said to be the windows to our souls. When we take the time to really look the other in the eye it deepens the passion to a new level.

Women's sexual arousal is connected to the ability to relax and drop down into their bodies and the simple act of looking another in the eyes can assist this "dropping down” process. This will also help a man connect more with his emotions during sex, which in turn provides the ability for a more expansive orgasm.


2. Slow down.

Yes, hot and heavy sex can be amazing but this is not going to help new sexual partners to connect. In order for sex to be amazing, it is important for the partners to learn each other’s bodies and also to build the orgasmic energy.

It takes the average female 20-40 minutes to be ready for penetration and thus deep orgasm and so quickies aren’t going to build more connection at the beginning of a relationship. Both parties should explore and take the time to lavish in the other's body.

Slowly kiss, lick, touch, caress, and tease your partner’s body! Then once more established in the relationship then things can move a little faster in the sexual department.


3. Relax and laugh!

Sex can be messy and embarrassing at times and so just allowing laughter is key with a new sexual partner. If anything awkward happens during the sexual play, then simply take it in stride. No one wants to be having sex with someone uptight and rigid out of fear of having an awkward moment.


The more we can relax and get out of our heads the better things will be. Plus, what a great moment for connection if something embarrassing happens and both are instead to laugh it off and keep enjoying the fun. Don’t give shame a chance to wriggle into your sexual moment.

4. Enjoy the afterglow.

When we have deep connective sex, then our brains release larger amounts of Oxytocin, which is the bonding hormone. So by taking the time after sex to cuddle, touch, and be present with each other, it creates a deeper bonding and makes sex later in the relationship even more powerful.

Whether we want to admit it or not, sex is an emotional experience and so this afterglow time is a chance for our emotions to settle but also a time to talk about what ‘worked’ and what didn’t during the sex.


Having a deeper connection with a partner has the ability to take ‘okay’ sex to fantastic and soul-shaking sex. As a Tantric practitioner, I recommend all the above steps to all my clients at times but these are especially important in a new sexual relationship.

I’m all for wild passionate sex but building the connection first is important. If you communicate, engage in eye contact, slow down, relax, and incorporate laughter then you are going to be well on your way to a more orgasmic new sexual relationship!

Addison Bell is a Tantric practitioner, Sex/Relationship Coach, Law of Attraction Coach, and Author. If you want a more amazing sex life, then reach out to her on her website Addison Bell Tantra for more tips, tricks, and orgasm!

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