If A Guy Does These 5 Things, He's Using You To Boost His Own Ego

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Watch yourself!

How do you know if a guy is genuinely interested in you or just wants to boost his ego?

There are a few tell-tale indicators that let you know he might be more interested in what you can do for him than actually in getting to know you.

If you're looking to find lasting love with "The One" you need to know how to tell if a guy likes you, which means also making sure you're familiar with these crystal clear signals that you're being used, so you can spot a self-absorbed man before he wastes your time.

Here are five signs that he isn't looking for love, he's only looking for an ego boost:

1. He sends you "Good morning!" and "Goodnight!" texts — and that's it.

This guy consistently sends the sweetest texts greeting you in the morning and wishing you sweet dreams at night. You think it’s so nice that he’s thinking of you and letting you know it. However, if there isn’t much else to his communication, that’s your clue that he’s just into boosting his ego.

Chances are strong he’s texting a bunch of women twice a day to keep you on the line while feeling really good about himself. Doing this makes him feel like a desirable and popular ladies man with all the women on his daily texting list.

Don’t be one of the many hanging around hoping for more from this fellow. If the texting doesn’t get any deeper after a few days, stop responding or block him. Otherwise, this man is just going to waste your time.

2. He pours his heart out to you ... by phone.

Some men crave female attention, but they don’t want the responsibility of a true relationship. So how do they manage? It’s easier than you might think.

Men like this find women who have a warm heart and lots of compassion who are willing listen to his troubles and soothe his mind. Many single gals are willing to offer a man this kind of emotional support thinking, “He must really like me if he's willing to share such personal information with me.”

Sadly, he’s trying to feel better at your expense and isn’t interested in actually dating you. He lifts himself up as you listen attentively and allow him to dump his drama on you.

I’ve heard stories about men who have called for months, building a strong emotional bond. The women who get involved feel like they are having a real relationship, even if they never go on dates or meet face-to-face.

However, if you don’t date, you are not dating.

So while you might satisfy an emotional need this way, you are not experiencing a true, loving relationship. Don’t get fooled by the man who loves to talk on the phone.

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3. He sends you a ton of fun and witty messages! Then nothing. Then MORE! Then nothing. 

You connect with a guy online who sends the most engaging texts. Then suddenly you hear nothing. Days later he messages again ... then nothing. Communicating is loads of fun, but he remains inconsistent. You’re always happy to hear from him — and sometimes he talks about getting together. Too bad no actual dates materialize.

Once you text a few times but it goes nowhere, I recommend you stop responding. His inconsistency tells you that he’s not serious about getting to know you. A man who is looking for a relationship wants to see you in person to learn more about you.

Don’t be fooled by the engaging "forever texter" who never takes that next step to ask you out on a date.

4. Once you do go out, he only asks you out again every once in a while.

This time you do go out, and you have the most amazing first date. He texted a bit before and after meeting you. You KNOW he enjoyed the date as much as you did. But for whatever reason, he doesn’t call you again for a few weeks.

Then a text shows up again and he asks you on another date, which is just as great as the first one. You think you’re finally getting somewhere with this guy. But ... he does his disappearing act and doesn’t show up again for several weeks.

What is going on?

This is the kind of man who dates around. He had a good time with you, but then he moves on to the other women. Dating multiple women feeds his ego and allows him to feel popular and in demand.

Trouble is, seeing this guy occasionally leaves you wanting more. You end up hanging on wondering what is going on. This is the sign of an emotionally immature man who is more concerned with his ego and seeing how many beautiful women he can date at the same time.

Step out of his line-up and move on to find a guy who is relationship ready.

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5. He keeps appearing in and then disappearing from  your life, making you feel unstable and uncertain.

When you are seeing a guy who is inconsistent and your relationship falls into an on and off pattern, that’s a surefire indication that you’re dating a man who likely wants his ego stroked.

He gets together with you because he feels great in your presence. He feels strong, powerful or masculine when he’s around you. Even if he is attentive and thoughtful, he’s still doing it to boost his own ego. It’s a shame he can’t handle the closeness or has some other emotional availability issue that causes him to pull away.

If you find yourself in an on again off again relationship, the best thing you can do is end it. HIs erratic behavior will not suddenly heal or improve. It’s a clear signal letting you know he’s not capable of the long-term, lasting love you want.

Let go of the on and off again guy. Be strong and free yourself up to look for a man who is ready for the loving relationship you want.

If you relate to any of these five situations, you now know you’ve met a man who only wants an ego boost.

And now that you know how to spot the signs, you can avoid getting involved with men like this who are not at all relationship ready and are only thinking of themselves.

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