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Pregnant Woman Asks If She's Wrong For Wearing Husband's 'Special' Boxers After He Gets Mad

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Some men have an attachment to their underwear. Well, at least the man in one Reddit post, where his wife shared that he got angry with her for wearing his “special” bamboo underwear. 

She didn’t know what to do about the situation, so she decided to reveal her story to Reddit. 

The forum “Am I The A–Hole?” is a place where folks can find out if they were wrong in the daily conflicts of life. 

Online users make use of a rating system within the forum, which defines whether or not the person was truly “the a–hole” in the situation.

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A pregnant wife decided to wear her husband's boxers for her day, but he was 'weirded out' by it. 

The post began with the 7-month pregnant lady sharing that her underwear had gotten too small for her because of her baby belly.

“After a while, I started getting a rash in the places where it was too tight due to friction I guess,” she wrote.

“So one day I was getting dressed and I was getting frustrated about the rash and the underwear being too small, so I figured I'd try on a pair of my husband's," she explains.

Her 29-year-old partner wears a size large so they were loose fitting on his wife.

"[Oh my God] it was the most comfortable thing I've ever tried on in my life," she continued.

"Breezy and loose and even the places where I had the rash didn't hurt. My husband had already left for work for the day, so I decided to just borrow them." 

At the end of the day when her husband came home, he was a bit “weirded out” that she was wearing his underwear, but claimed that he didn’t mind.

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However, her wearing his bamboo underwear struck a nerve.

“Fast forward a few days and we're going to bed and he flips out at me and asks me why I'm wearing his 'good' bamboo underwear,” she wrote.

He pointed out the band of the boxers, which read "bamboo" and began a long rant about how the few pairs he had from the brand were his comfiest underwear. 

“I apologized and said I just picked the pair off the top just like I did the other times, but he was upset and said I wasn't allowed to borrow his underwear anymore,” she writes.

She clarified to him that she wouldn’t wear the bamboo underwear specifically, but her husband “drew a hard line” and told her that she should just buy her own.

“Now, I'm thinking this is probably more about how he actually doesn't want me to borrow his underwear, and he's using me accidentally taking the "wrong" pair as an excuse, but I'm not sure”.

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Towards the end of the post, she made a few edits to clarify her story.

“I just wanted to thank everyone for sharing their opinions - this sure was a heated topic for many. My husband and I had a good time reading some of the responses, our [favorite] was the guy who said he'd kill anyone who touches his bamboo underwear,” she continued.

“We agreed that it would be wise to buy some maternity underwear for me, that I can use after the birth too. Thank you all for the great suggestions! I hope you all have a lovely day! I am finally off to sleep.” 

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A few commenters believed that the husband was allowed to set boundaries around his underwear.

One user deemed that she was “the a–hole.” 

They wrote, “Buy yourself some men’s boxers since they are so comfortable. Donate them or put them away with your other maternity garb after the baby comes. Your husband doesn’t want to share and it’s rude of you to be so insistent”. 

Another didn’t see it as a big problem, "[not the a–hole] because in the grand scheme of things, this is such a small issue; but definitely buy yourself some boxers."

"Or take 4 pairs off the top from the ones [you] bought him. If my wife did this, I would just buy her some boxers. Or buy myself some new ones and give her some older ones." 

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