Finding This Weird Item Around The House Is A Major Sign Your Partner Is Cheating

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Many of my clients suspect that their partner might be cheating but they have no idea if their suspicions are valid.

They might try to snoop on their person’s phone or be more inquisitive than normal, but they can’t get any confirmation and that can be extremely frustrating.

I do believe that the answer to whether or not your partner is cheating might be lying around your house, waiting for you to find it.

A few items come to mind but, for me, I believe that if you find this one main weird item around your house, it's a sign your partner may be lying.

What is that weird item? Drum roll, please….

If you find new underwear (or tags & packaging for them), it might mean they're cheating

Weird, right? But hear me out, I'm certain you'll agree. 

Why would new underwear be a sign that your partner may be cheating?

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Here are five reasons finding new underwear (or tags & packaging from them) indicates an affair:

1. They're doing things differently

Most of us have buying habits. We purchase the same socks, underwear, t-shirts and toothpaste year after year.

Being creative and trying new things is fun but it takes some thought. Who has time for that most days?

So, when we find proof that our partner has bought something unusual, no matter what it is, it can give us pause. It’s one thing to change your toothpaste, another thing to change something so highly personal like your underwear.

Furthermore, if you find this tag or packaging and haven’t seen said underwear, for whom are they wearing it and why might they be hiding it?

Of course, there could be an innocent explanation for this but, unless you see that underwear on your person in the near future, I might consider it a sign that your partner is cheating.

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2. They're trying to be more appealing

Have you and your partner settled into a bit of underwear complacency?

Did you both make an effort when your relationship began to stay well groomed with new, sexy underwear and proper body hair management?

Have things changed as you have settled into your relationship and are you both now wearing comfy underwear that isn’t in the least bit sexy? And do you not really care because you assume your person doesn’t care either?

If yes, the purchase of new underwear could indicate that your partner is seeking to make themselves attractive to someone else, much as they did with you at the beginning of your relationship.

I know that when I had an affair, out went my standard (old) comfy undies and in came some silky, lacy boy shorts that made my butt look great.

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3. They seem to be feeling sexier

For many people who are having an affair, their sexual desires have been awakened in a big way.

Many people who are unfaithful probably do not have thrilling sex lives at home. They and their partners have settled into a comfortable pattern but one that isn’t that exciting.

When another person appears, suddenly they feel like a sexual being again. All sorts of feel-good chemicals are flowing through their veins and they feel alive.

And, feeling alive and sexual again, makes them want to enhance those feelings by upgrading their plumage. Underwear is the perfect way to do that without making their spouse suspicious.

Unless, of course, if they leave their new underwear tags or packaging around the house, they might just get caught.

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4. They're getting gifts from an unknown admirer

I know that when I was having an affair with a married man, there were a lot of things about him that I wanted to change. I wanted him to get new glasses, to wear a leather bracelet and to carry a different briefcase.

I also wanted him to change his underwear.

My affair partner had been married for twenty years and had settled into a rotation of simple grey boxers, ones that were comfortable and could be worn without much thought.

I thought they were boring and wanted to give him something fun, something that I knew he could wear under his clothes, branding him as mine, at least in my head.

So, I bought him some new boxers, ones that had all sorts of different designs on them. When he wore them, it made me love him more, knowing that he was wearing something that I had given him, that I wanted him to wear.

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5. They want to keep belongings separate

When someone is having an affair, they are living two separate lives.

They have their home life with their comfortable routines, marriage, work, finances, family, etc. This has been their life for years and they take comfort in it, even if it can be challenging at times.

And then they have their affair. Surreptitious meetings with their affair partner. Sneaked texts and phone calls. Crazy sex in all sorts of places. The feeling of being alive again.

And, those two different lives only have one thing in common — them.

In an effort to keep those things separate, many people buy new items of clothing, clothing that they wear only for their affair partner, clothes that they can take off when they return to their normal life, clothes that will hide any sign of the infidelity and allow the person to return to their normal person when they get home.

Underwear is an excellent place to start.

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The tell-tale sign of infidelity

Would you ever have thought that finding this weird item around your house is a sign your partner may be cheating?

Has all the reading that you have done online ever mentioned that there might be an everyday item at your fingertips that could help you determine if your partner is having an affair?

I am guessing not.

But finding a tag for new underwear around the house is definitely an indicator that your person might be being unfaithful. They are hiding something deeply personal from you but it is something that they would most likely not buy for themselves.

So, who are they buying it for?

If you find unfamiliar underwear tags or packaging in your house, I would consider confronting your spouse right now and asking them what, exactly, is going on.

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Mitzi Bockmann is a certified life coach and relationship coach. With over 10 years of experience, she helps clients find happiness in love and life.