Woman Threatens To Break Up With Her Boyfriend For Drinking From Someone Else's Cup At A Concert

He swapped spit with someone else and faced his girlfriend's wrath.

Kirby Johnson explaining how her boyfriend drank from someone's cup TikTok @kirby_j / TikTok

An actress and social media influencer named Kirby Johnson recently posted a video on TikTok where she talked about her boyfriend’s most recent transgression that occurred while they were at a concert.

Johnson’s boyfriend, Luke Eisner, is actually an Emmy-nominated actor and musician who plays for the LA-based pop-rock duo, VOILÀ. While he was performing on stage, Johnson claims that he did something “unforgivable.”


She threatened to break up with her boyfriend for drinking from someone else’s cup.

Alongside the caption and inlaid text which both read, “Breaking up with my boyfriend,” Johnson told the tale of her boyfriend’s betrayal in a little over two minutes, and while it all seemed to be in good fun, it does spark a conversation about boundaries in relationships.

“I’m going to full-on roast my boyfriend on the internet because — let’s just face it, it’s kind of something I do best,” she explains at the start of her TikTok video. “So I just came home from a concert. A concert where my boyfriend was performing, and let me start off by saying: he was magnificent.”




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She claimed he was a “rockstar” and had the crowd “eating out of the palm of his hands” — is there a pun intended there? Who knows, but anyway, she claimed that all was going well until he did something that was “unforgivable” in Johnson’s book: drinking from someone else’s cup.

“Now let’s rewind real quick,” she continued explaining. “Before Luke went to said concert, I said, ‘Hey Luke, by the way, when you’re backstage with the other bands, don’t drink anything that they give you. You never know what people have in their drinks.’”


That’s a pretty standard warning to give to anyone, anywhere in a public sphere. You really don’t know what someone might be putting in their drink, so it’s always safe to simply refuse any drinks that aren’t your own. She thought it was an easy request.

She was assured by her rockstar boyfriend that he would never do that and wasn’t that type of person. “Luke is living it up, he’s a rockstar,” she continued in her story. “He goes and he has his guitar solo.”

She explained how the girls were eating it up, but that wasn’t what she was mad at — “a girl in the front has her cup in the air.”

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She wasn’t only worried about what was in the drink, but the stranger’s germs.

“I don’t know if this man was having an out-of-body experience and he thought he was Post Malone, and he chugs the liquid,” she explained. “I don’t even know what was in there, Luke didn’t know what was in there. It could have been anything in the cup.”

“So uh, dangerous, number one. Number two? Germs. I am a germaphobe. I have mentioned this multiple times and Luke knows this about me, which is why this is a betrayal of trust,” she said.

Johnson explained how she never “swaps spit” with anybody, not her family, her sister, no one — except Luke. “Now this man, he’s just intermingled somebody else’s saliva into our shared saliva trust thing,” she exclaimed.

She claimed that she physically gasped as she was in the crowd watching, saying, “It was as if Luke cheated on me. The biggest betrayal of trust ever, and Luke knew.”


He knew that he messed up because, soon after he did that, he looked over to where she was in the crowd with a guilty expression and was met by her accusing disappointed eyes.

kirby johnson boyfriend betrayal drinking from cupPhoto: TikTok / @kirby_j

Granted, she seems to be joking about the whole ordeal — or maybe she’s joking to cope with the betrayal — but there is an important conversation to be had about boundaries.


If she had an issue with him sharing drinks because of germs and not because of a jealous insecurity, it’s a valid concern to take into consideration and to take seriously, especially if it’s a conversation they’ve had many times before.

The commenters supported her as well, saying, “At this point taking a drink from another band would’ve been better [than] a random stranger in the audience.” Someone else wrote, “People are unaware of what can be passed on by drinking after others they don’t even know.”

At least he understood the mistake he made, and others can rest assured that they did not, in fact, break up over Concert Cupgate.


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