Groom Tells 'Tired' New Wife That He's Filing For Divorce After She Refuses To Sleep With Him On Their Wedding Night

They were married less than 24 hours.

Abbie Chatfield, Rohan Edwards, bride and groom embracing @hotnightswithabbie / TikTok; Jonathan Borba / Pexels

An Australian woman revealed the horrid reason why she and her new husband got divorced after only two weeks of being married.

The woman, named Rachel, told her story after calling Abbie Chatfield and Rohan Edwards' radio show "Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield" to discuss the shortest relationship that she had ever been in.

Rachel recalled how her new husband had been quick to pull the plug after not getting something he wanted.


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Rachel explained that her new husband had filed for divorce after she refused to sleep with him on their wedding night.

In a clip posted to TikTok from the part of the radio show when Rachel called in, the Australian woman told the story of how her husband demanded a divorce less than 24 hours after they were married.



"The night of the wedding, we went out, and when we got back to the hotel room, unfortunately, I didn't give him what he wanted," Rachel told hosts Chatfield and Edwards. She explained that she and her husband had slept together the night before their wedding, and after all the festivities were over, she was tired.


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She told her husband she wasn't in the mood, and he immediately became furious at her, which Rachel said left her feeling "miserable" and she "couldn't wait" to get away from him. The next morning, after the two had woken up, Rachel said her new husband turned to her and said he wanted a divorce.

Two weeks later, the couple were officially divorced. Upon hearing the woman's story, both Chatfield and Edwards were visibly shocked and accused Rachel's ex-husband of being "revolting" for throwing a fit when his wife wouldn't sleep with him.

Unfortunately, with both gender and societal pressure, many women often feel pressured to sleep with their partners for fear that if they don't, their boyfriends may leave them or, in Rachel's case, their husbands will suddenly file for divorce.


Cultural norms often dictate that women should prioritize their partner's sexual needs or that sex is an essential aspect of a romantic relationship. These expectations lead to pressure on women to comply, even if they are not in the mood or do not desire sex at that moment.

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Many people were equally disgusted by Rachel's ex-husband's actions.

"Men like him deserve to stay single forever," one TikTok user wrote, while another user added, "Absolutely dodged a bullet." A third user chimed in, "You don’t owe sex to anyone, not even your husband.”

Women, like anyone else, have the right to make decisions about their own bodies, including when, how, and with whom they choose to engage in sexual activity. They have the right to set their own boundaries and prioritize their physical and emotional well-being.


If a relationship is truly healthy, there will be mutual respect there, and not only will no one feel obligated to have sex to satisfy their partner's desires at the expense of their own comfort or well-being, but there will also be a level of understanding if one person decides to say no.

No one, including a spouse or partner, is entitled to sex without explicit consent. Respecting each other's boundaries and desires helps foster a healthy and fair relationship.

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