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Woman Gets Revenge On Cheating Ex By Posting An Embarrassing Video She Promised To Never Show Anyone

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A 23-year-old woman recently shared a video on TikTok of her and her ex-boyfriend that quickly went viral, reaching 8.4 million views in just four days.

In her caption she wrote that she “was going through my drafts and screamed” when she stumbled onto the video before deciding to upload it. And people are praising her for the (mostly) harmless way she decided to get revenge on her ex.

The woman got revenge on her cheating ex by posting an embarrassing video of him.

Donning face masks and some comfortable outfits, user @scorpio.princessxo and her cheating ex-boyfriend stood in front of the phone camera and prepared to do a popular TikTok dance that came from the Disney Channel TV Show, "Liv and Maddie."



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The “Linda and Heather” trend was very popular at one point, with many women convincing their boyfriends to do it with them because they thought it would be funny. The idea is that the dance and theme of the whole thing are very feminine, so having your boyfriend do it too would be a funny gender role reversal.

After all, the lyrics go, “Pink pink pink, girls girls girls, glitter glitter glitter, twirls twirls twirls. Together forever, we’re Linda and Heather — best friends!” Little did she know, however, that her best friend (aka ex-boyfriend) would end up cheating on her.

“Told him I’d never post this, but he also told me he’d never cheat soooo,” she wrote in the text in the video. People praised her in the comments for the way she decided to get revenge on him — it’s the perfect blend of petty and legal.

“Oh she ate and left no crumbs,” one person wrote in the comments. Someone else approved by saying, “I love this energy.” A third wrote, “She woke up and [chose] violence,” while many others tagged their friends and told them that they should have done that to their ex.

While this is probably one of the less harmful ways I’ve seen anyone get revenge on their ex, it’s worth noting that getting revenge on someone at all isn’t always worth the effort and emotional energy.

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Some studies show that getting revenge could actually do more harm than good.

Revenge might feel good the moment you get it (and it actually might not even do that), but there are healthier ways to cope with the anger, frustration, or emotion that comes with feelings of betrayal or loss.

Studies have shown that getting revenge is actually more likely to fuel your anger than relieve it, according to Better Help. This is because the revenge you got could put you in a situation where you continue to think about the person who caused you pain.

In this woman’s case, she’ll be seeing this video nonstop now that it’s gone viral. Every time she goes on her own profile, she’ll see the video of them together and be reminded as well.

Of course, there’s no knowing just how long ago the situation was and whether or not she’s gotten over his betrayal, but it’s just an example of how revenge may not always be the best idea.

Better ways to cope with wanting to get revenge come in the form of journaling or learning how to forgive instead. Another study brought up by Better Help claims that people who decided to forgive rather than strike back felt that their actions better reflected their own sense of morality and helped them feel more connected to their own humanity.

It’s a very funny TikTok video, but we can only hope that she’s made her peace with the situation before posting about it online.

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