Electrician Leaves Unsettling Note For Woman Telling Her That He's Around For Some 'Fun' Even Though He Knows She's Married

The man knew she was married but tried to pursue her anyway.

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A woman, working with her husband at his company, asked an electrician who was there for a paid job to help her move some heavy items around. Even though she just needed an extra hand, the electrician assumed she wanted much more. 

Before he left for the day, he popped into the office where she was working and informed her that he had left her a note in one of the couch cushions. The woman was in disbelief when she discovered the note and what it said. 


The electrician wrote a note to the married woman telling her that he would love to 'have some fun' with her if she was open to it. 

In a TikTok video that has been shared over 1,500 times, Maceon McCracken (@maceon.mccracken) shared the uncalled-for note, along with a storytime providing more background into the situation. “It truly shocks me at the amount of audacity that some men have,” she said.

The real estate agent from North Carolina is married to Colton, who owns a furniture store. 



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Since some of McCracken’s job is remote, she will often tag along with Colton to the store to work in one of the offices and to provide an extra set of hands when necessary. 

One day, the store was having fans installed in the showroom, which required the help of an electrician. When the electrician arrived, Colton was helping customers, so McCracken took it upon herself to move beds and other pieces of furniture out of the way of the fan so the electrician could move his forklift in and make some adjustments. 

When McCracken asked the electrician if he could help her move some of the beds, she was stunned by his remark. “I’d much rather take directions from you, anyway,” he told her. McCracken decided to ignore his comment and went back to the office to work once the beds were moved. 

However, a little while later, the electrician stopped by the office and made a surprising proclamation.

“I just have to tell you that you’re gorgeous. It broke my heart when they told me out there that you were married,” he told McCracken. “But that doesn’t bother me, and if you ever want to hang out sometime, let me know.” He then claimed that he had left a note for McCracken in one of the couch cushions in the showroom. 


McCracken was flabbergasted by the interaction. “I’m married to the guy who's paying you!” she thought to herself. She decided to tell her husband and he assured his wife that even though he had to run across the street to meet up with a customer, his father, who also worked at the store, would not leave until the electrician left. 

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When the electrician finally did take off, McCracken retrieved the note he left behind in the couch cushions. “Not trying to get you into trouble but you are absolutely beautiful. Even though you’re married, if you’d ever want to just have some fun or anything I’d love to,” it read. The electrician added that if McCracken was not interested, to “disregard” the note. 

Feeling bewildered by the note, she confessed that the electrician works in multiple buildings in her husband’s furniture store complex and that she is feeling antsy about possibly having to see him again. “I shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable in our place of business.” 


Thankfully, in a follow-up video, McCracken shared that her husband confronted the electrician, giving him the note back. 

“No more notes to my wife in my couches!” he allegedly told the electrician, who claimed that the note he had left behind was a “misunderstanding.” 



Other TikTok users were just as dumbfounded by the electrician’s request. “The audacity of THAT man! I see a ring, I’m minding my business, but that’s me,” one user commented. “You accidentally triggered his hero instinct by asking him to help you move the furniture,” another user wrote. 

Other women shared their own similar stories of being asked out even though the other person knew that they were married. 


So, why would men even attempt to go for women who are unavailable? According to writer Qasim Adam, there are a variety of reasons. They could be looking to experiment, they might simply struggle with boundaries, or they may be married themselves and feel as if their relationship is in a rut. 

Of course, their reasons do not validate their choices, and these bold men need to be prepared for whatever response they get. 

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