Wife Asks Husband To Include Her Best Friend In Their Couch Cuddle And It Gets Weird

He's 'their' husband now.

Wife asks husband to include best friend in couch cuddle @whatsjamminpod / TikTok

Three ladies from the What’s Jammin Podcast share the TikTok account for the namesake, and one of the most recent posts stirred up a bit of controversy among those who were confused by a specific situation.

The caption for the post reads “sharing is caring” — and the thing that’s being shared between Lauryn and Bella, two of the co-hosts, in this video is none other than Lauryn’s husband himself, Joel Hamre.


Lauryn included her best friend in their couch cuddle, where things quickly got weird.

The three best friends are as close as can be and often refer to themselves as sisters, which is probably why Lauryn felt comfortable enough to ask her husband to include Bella into their cuddle session.

The text in the video reads, “When you make your husband put his arm around you and your bestie during a movie but [you] take it too far.”



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The short, 8-second clip, shows the three of them on the couch, wrapped up in blankets as a movie plays in the background. Bella laughs as she leans on Joel, who has his arm around both of them. That is, until, Lauryn decides to take things a step too far and goes to kiss Joel.

Immediately, Bella says, “no, no,” and gets off of Joel while bursting into laughter once more as both Lauryn and Joel go “Okay” but for different reasons. Lauryn wants Joel to kiss her back, but Joel follows his “okay” up with “relax, dude,” letting her know that she’s taken things a step too far.

However, everything feels like a joke as the three of them laugh the situation off before the video ends completely, but the damage has already been done to the hundreds of thousands of people who watched the video and commented on the situation.

One person joked, “so glad all of my friends are respectful,” probably assuming that Bella was being disrespectful here. “Oh my god this is weird,” someone else said. A third person commented, “I have a big feeling the [people] in the comments are confused,” to which someone from the podcast responded, “I have a big feeling that [you’re] right.”


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Lauryn has previously joked about sharing her husband with her best friend.

In a previous video, when Lauryn and Bella were headed to a hockey game, they uploaded a video with text that read “going to ‘our’ husband’s hockey game,” so it seems to be an ongoing joke. Any guess at where the joke came from would only be speculation, but it seems that Bella played a huge role in helping Lauryn set up her wedding with Joel.

That, or they’re just very close friends who are comfortable enough with their boundaries that they know neither party would truly blur the lines. Even if this were truly a case of polyamory or some kind of open relationship, that would be okay as well.



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Polyamory has become much more common in recent years, with a study from Frontiers in Psychology revealing that one in nine Americans have been in a polyamorous relationship, and one in six would like to try one.

These relationships have long left behind the stigmas attached to them and should be normalized, at least to the extent that people should no longer be surprised by seeing one.

The role of anyone consuming content on the internet should be to not take things too seriously, and try not to read into other people’s lives of which you know nothing — because people actually got mad at this video, and it’s a shocking reaction to see.


When someone commented “people either don't get jokes or they don't know what a fun time is,” the podcast TikTok account responded “THANK YOU,” refusing to clarify which of the two they were referring to and keeping up with this funny, jokey façade.

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