A 62-Year-Old Woman Reveals The Biggest Gift About Being Her Age — ‘It Is So Freeing’

She insisted that life as a woman really does get better with age.

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An older woman revealed the one beauty that she's found happens as she has continued to age.

In a TikTok video, Saffy, a 62-year-old woman, proved that it sometimes does get better as we grow older, sharing that for women, once we reach a certain age, all of the unwanted romantic advances from men stop, and therefore, life becomes a whole lot easier.

She finds beauty in being her age and no longer receiving romantic attention from men.

In Saffy's video, she had stitched another creator's video who had expressed the desire to one day not have to deal with men's attention and unwanted advances. At 62 years old, Saffy insisted that as women age, men start to find them less attractive, which is one of the beauties of becoming older.




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"I am at the age where men no longer find me attractive and I can it is absolutely a gift. It is so freeing," Saffy proudly stated.


She recalled spending five days in Mexico on vacation and sitting by the pool in her swimsuit not having a care in the world about how anyone is perceiving her body or her skin.

In the video that Saffy had stitched, the other creator who goes by the username KP, had been ranting about an incredibly scary experience she just had on the video-sharing platform. She had been telling a story to her viewers about a 60-year-old man who had come into her store and was heavily flirting with her despite being married, and KP being quite younger than him at 30 years old. 



After telling the story on her platform, KP began receiving a barrage of hate from other men, who claimed that she should be "grateful" a man was flirting with her, and that when she grew older, men would no longer be looking at her in that sort of way, so she should "take advantage" of it happening to her now. 


"I cannot wait for that day," KP stressed, voicing her discomfort with having her body and entire identity constantly being perceived and judged by men.

In Saffy's video, she proclaimed that, thankfully, that day will happen, and it will be amazing. "Enjoy your beautiful skin while you have it," Saffy insisted. "But look forward to the day when you just don't [care] anymore."

Older women shared the relief they feel at no longer having to deal with unwanted male attention.

The weight of unwanted male attention is often an exhausting and emotionally draining experience, as women have to force themselves to walk the fine line between asserting their boundaries and avoiding confrontation.

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Under Saffy's video, many older women were quick to agree with the 62-year-old woman's perspective about life and the experience of being a woman being easier as we age.

"I was blown away by how much happier I became once I became invisible. I can go to the grocery store without being followed, scared, or grossed out," one TikTok user shared.

Another user added, "As a young woman, the older women who no longer care and are full of confidence always get my attention. It's a wonderful example to see and a goal."

"I am gonna be 60 in a couple of months. I love my gray natural hair and just being who I am! Yes, it is freeing!" a third user chimed in.


While many women related to Saffy's revelation, it's also a bittersweet reality. While the prospect of growing older and experiencing less unwanted attention is a relief, it's disheartening that women often have to wait until their later years to experience this kind of liberation. 

It highlights the unfair pressure society places on women to conform to certain beauty standards and the toll that takes on their emotional well-being. The anticipation of reaching a point where one can truly let go of societal expectations and judgments simply reflects the yearning that women have for wanting to feel accepted for their bodies.

It's a poignant reality that women have to wait and grow older to reap the benefits while also being a testament to the resilience and strength that women continue to embody as they navigate the intricate web of societal gender norms.


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