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Woman Poses A Moral Question For People On Social Media — Everyone In The Comments Failed

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A woman on TikTok named Katrina Sirju frequently posts videos where she poses moral questions for her followers, but one of her most recent uploads has been getting a lot of attention from people who claimed they would fail.

The question she asked this time is in regards to a decision you would make that ultimately affects the outcome of either your spouse's life or your sibling’s life. It’s hypothetical, of course, but one where there are no happy endings.

She asks whether you would save your sibling’s life or your partner’s life.

Not quite as simple as trying to decide between the two choices, she spins up a hypothetical tale that would make the answer difficult to produce.

“You and your significant other have been married for seven years. You are both very much in love and enjoy doing things together, but you realize for the past week [that] your significant other has seemed stressed and distant,” she explains in her video.

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After a confrontation, they tell you that it’s just from work and not to worry about it, but you decide to try and cheer them up by taking them hiking. Sirju says that they love hiking, and so you call your sibling who also loves hiking to come along with you.

Stopping near the edge of a cliff for a break, your partner confesses that they slept with your sibling about a week ago. “You look over to your sibling who has their head down but doesn’t seem shaken up by the confession,” she says. 

Sirju makes it fairly clear that your sibling is unapologetic but ashamed. Your significant other, however, apologizes and says it will never happen again.

As your sibling tries to walk away from the situation, they slip on the cliffside and instinctively grab hold of your significant other, bringing them both on a long fall to the bottom of the cliff. “The fall was far, but not enough to immediately take their lives,” Sirju reveals. “They are both badly hurt and unconscious.”

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In this hypothetical scenario, you call 911 and they’re airlifted to the nearest hospital, where you are forced to make your decision. The doctor claims that your sibling needs a blood transfusion and your partner needs a kidney, but you can’t do both.

Everyone in the comments section failed the morality by deciding to save neither person's life.

“Do you give your blood to your sibling, causing you to be too weak for the kidney transplant, resulting in the loss of your significant other?” she asks. “Or give your kidney to your significant other, making you unable to donate your blood to your sibling resulting in their death.”

A decision needs to be made, but everyone in the comments decided to go the third route — save neither of their lives. One person wrote, “Nobody gets anything.” Someone else said, “They'll figure it out.” A third person wrote, “I wouldn’t even call 911, I’m going home.”

The lesson in this moral predicament was supposed to be about forgiveness.

Do you forgive your partner, who was apologetic about what happened? Or do you save your sibling who was unapologetic, but is related to you by blood and have known them your whole life?

Forgiveness would be difficult, but the question of morality was supposed to be about what your choice said about you — “neither” means a flat-out failure. 

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Of course, it’s understandable why someone would choose neither as it’s the easiest option. You get to hold onto your resentment and don’t have to sacrifice anything in order to achieve it, but finding forgiveness within yourself is the hardest thing to do.

Some people in the comments gave more serious answers, with one woman saying, “I'd give to my sibling, but never talk to them again.” Someone replied saying that this seemed like the most realistic option.

Others tried to game the whole thing, saying it didn’t make much medical sense or claiming they would choose to give up their kidney because a blood transfusion is easier to find.

The bottom line is, finding the power within you to forgive someone who wronged you is hard on its own, but deciding who you give it to might tell you a lot about the things you’re willing to sacrifice.

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