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Woman Attending Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Praised For Putting Her Husband's Mistresses On Her Sweatshirt While She Was Still Married

Photo: @nonewlastnames / TikTok
Lindsey @nonewlastnames tiktok

A woman shared the "petty" move she made after finding out that her husband had cheated on her with several other women.

In a TikTok video, Lindsey received praise from viewers after revealing how she was able to get back at all of the women her husband cheated on her with while the two were still married. After being invited to an ugly Christmas sweater party, Lindsey decided to create an extra special sweater to wear when she attended.

She made a sweater with the faces of all the mistresses her husband was with while they were married.

"Once I was invited to an ugly Christmas sweater party and I made a sweatshirt with all of the women my ex-husband slept with while we were still married on it," Lindsey wrote in overlay text in the video. "I posted a photo wearing it to my Facebook and it blew up."



The sweater in question featured all six of the women her husband had apparently been with while they were still married. All of their faces were blurred in the photo, but in between each of their images, was the phrase: "Ho, ho, ho."

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Lindsey claimed that after posting a photo of the sweater, many of her husband's mistresses were not happy about it. "One of them called my job to try and have me fired. Instead, I got a raise that day. Please think long and hard before you come at me. I'm not the one."

In a follow-up video, Lindsey explained all of the drama surrounding her husband cheating on her with several other women. She informed viewers that she lives in an extremely small town, and all of her husband's mistresses were aware that he was married.



"One of them was invited to my wedding, the other one works for his mother at a daycare [and] she definitely met our son," Lindsey recalled, adding that this incident happened years ago and that she is happily re-married now.

Many viewers were extremely supportive of Lindsey's "petty" decision, which reflects a sense of solidarity from those who have experienced similar betrayals. However, it's important to acknowledge that not everyone saw her actions as a straightforward triumph.

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Some viewers questioned why her Christmas sweater didn't include an image of her husband, since he was the one who had violated their marriage vows and Lindsey's trust.

While Lindsey's response was understandable, not all the blame must lie on the women involved.

Lindsey's situation with her ex-husband is an extremely complicated matter, where both pain and betrayal sit at the front. While her response was undoubtedly a way for her to reclaim her voice and confront the hurt she had experienced, the absence of her husband's image on the sweater sparked a conversation about accountability within a relationship.

While the mistresses played a part in the infidelity, the primary responsibility lies with a husband who broke the commitment of the marriage. Placing the majority of the blame on the mistresses can often wrongly shift accountability away from the central person in this betrayal.

Blaming only the other women involved can also reinforce the harmful stereotype that women are responsible for keeping men faithful. This perspective overlooks the husband's fault that the door was opened in the first place when it came to his marriage, and that he was entertaining other women despite being in a fully committed marriage with someone else.

Ultimately, Lindsey's story serves as a reminder that infidelity's aftermath is a whirlwind of emotions, choices, and coping mechanisms. Empathy toward her journey can allow us to recognize the complexity of responses to disloyalty, and the importance of acknowledging the diverse ways individuals seek to heal, reclaim their agency, and rebuild their lives.

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