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Woman Shares Before And After Pictures Of Her Nose Job And Says Everyone Who Has Insecurities Should ‘Get Work Done’

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Shannon, a social influencer who hosts a celebrity gossip podcast under the name FluentlyForward, shared a throwback TikTok post from 2021 in which she discusses getting a nose job in 2018. Her perspective on her cosmetic surgery might change minds about getting work done of their own.

She shared before and after photos of her nose job and said that everyone with insecurities should ‘get work done.’

Shannon explained her justification for getting rhinoplasty, saying that she liked how her nose looked from the front, yet hated the way it looked from the side.

“I’m short, I’m petite, and I just feel like my nose stuck out so much,” she said. “I feel like anyone else who doesn’t like their nose, you will know the feeling. I don’t even have to describe it; it was all I thought about.”



Shannon brought up a point that’s often disregarded in defense of “natural” beauty, which is that an insecurity that’s strong enough to make people feel wholly bad about themselves isn’t worth the pain of keeping.

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“I thought about my nose every day,” she said. Explaining her main reason for wanting cosmetic surgery, Shannon recalled a core memory of feeling so insecure about her nose that she changed how she acted around other people. “I still remember, in 7th grade, I was seated in science next to Brandon, and I had this huge crush on him, and I hated my side profile so much,” she explained. She felt so insecure that she made sure to sit in a certain way so that the boy she liked could only see her nose from a certain angle because she didn’t want him seeing her side profile.

She made an argument in favor of getting cosmetic surgery in general, speaking against the framing that she was ‘so beautiful that she didn’t need surgery.’ As Shannon sees it, if someone’s insecurities are so strong, “it’s just sending cortisol through their system.”

“Get it done,” she urges. “Get work done.”

Her perspective is a refreshing shift away from the usual narrative surrounding cosmetic surgery.

In the movie industry, it's widely known that most people have had some work done, yet it’s still kept on the down-low — like it’s acceptable to get the surgery, but not to talk about getting the surgery.

Shannon made a concerted effort to be transparent about the process of getting a nose job, sharing photos of herself before and after surgery. She explained that “something doctors do not tell you is that you swell after a nose job.” She made this announcement against a background of her nose post-surgery, bruised and puffy. 

She detailed what part of the after-care process was like, saying, “the cast is on for a week, and then you take it off, and you take it off in the office, and you’re like, ‘okay, I’m a little bit swollen, whatever,’ and then you drive the 30 minutes home, and you look like this, for two weeks to up to a couple months.”

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surgeon and surgical toolsPhoto: Anna Shvets / Pexels 

“Not enough people talk about how busted and gross you look after a nose job,” Shannon exclaimed. She went on to write an ebook titled, “How To Deswell Your Nose After A Nose Job,” to help others with their after-care process. Her openness about the gory (and great) details of her rhinoplasty highlights the value of talking honestly about situations we’re often told not to talk about, at all.

She revealed that three years post-surgery, she sometimes experiences “intense swelling” after eating food with a high salt content. 

Shannon concluded by sharing what she saw as the best part of the surgery, overall, which is that she no longer thinks about her nose, “and that was what I wanted,” she explained.

“I think everyone who says that they get their nose done, the only thing they regret is that they didn’t do it sooner,” she finished her post.

In the comments, women shared their nose job wishes and realities.

Some said they wanted to get one, while others said they did get one. One person thanked Shannon for being honest and transparent, which is of high value in the cosmetic surgery industry, as most people don’t openly discuss the work they’ve gotten done.

While some might argue against plastic surgery, in the end, what one person does with their body is solely their own business. If they decide to take drastic action to boost their self-esteem, more power to them.

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