Woman Reveals Why Her Sister Refused To Invite Her To Her Wedding

Her sister started it.

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In an upsetting turn of events, one woman’s half-sister — whom she’d been close friends with her entire life — decided not to invite her to her wedding without a word as to why.

After discovering the reason behind the exclusion, she decided to go no contact with her sister to stave off bubbling mental health issues.

Years later, her dad suggested she patch things up with her sister, which led her to wonder if she was in the wrong for stepping out of her sister’s life.


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She decided to post on the subreddit “r/AmItheA--hole” to see what the friendly internet strangers had to say about her predicament and whether or not she made the right choice.

The reason she wasn’t invited to the wedding was that her sister’s mother didn’t want her there.

“So I (19F) have two half sisters, ‘Haley’ (30F) and ‘Sarah’ (32F),” the woman posts to Reddit.

“Before my dad met my mum and had me, he was married to ‘Mary’ (60F) and had Haley and Sarah. My dad wasnt happy in their marriage, and after around 15y of being married they filed for a divorce.”


After several years, the woman’s father met someone else and had her, and although it had been several years after her father’s divorce from Mary, she still wanted nothing to do with her.

From the moment she was born, she was very close to Sarah and Haley, but in order to hide the fact that Mary loathed her, their families made sure they would never be around each other.

Every time the woman went over to their house to hang out with Sarah, Mary would never be around to see her, but the women were so close that she even knew Sarah’s fiance before they had gotten engaged — which is why she was so hurt when she wasn’t invited to their wedding.

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“My mum had warned me after they got engaged that I probably wouldn't be invited and to not get my hopes up,” she explained,

“But I didn't think Sarah actually wouldn't invite me because her mum can't cope that my dad moved on and had a child with another woman.”

She claims that what hurt the most was that she never heard a word about it from Sarah herself, and so she eventually cut contact with her completely until four years later when her father brought it back up to her.

“He doesn't want to pressure me to anything, but he says that family is important and that he would like it if we got along,” she wrote.

“She's also been trying to reach out to me a couple of months ago by asking my dad if he could ask me to have a talk with her (which is why he brought it up in the first place).”


Redditors say that she’s “Not the a--hole” (NTA), but Sarah and her father are.

The age-old saying that “the phone works both ways” rings true as the replies beg the question, why didn’t Sarah just bring it up with her?

“NTA and I don't understand why it's up to you to reach out to her,” wrote one user. “Why hasn't she reached out to you? I don't think your dad getting involved in this is a good idea.”

“NTA. If family is so important, why won’t Sarah reach out to you first? It’s been years,” another wrote.

“The dad needs to stay in his lane, Sarah made her choice and these are her consequences,” wrote a third person.


Many people also criticized Mary, the mother who can’t get over her ex-husband having a child several years after they had already divorced.

Another user wrote, “It seems odd that the mother can stand to see her ex-husband but not his new daughter and SO (which he seems fine with).”

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