Bride Feuds With Sister After Learning Details Of The ‘Emergency’ That Made Her Skip Wedding

Family emergency > Wedding ceremony.

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After one woman rushed to a family emergency, leaving her sister's wedding, the bride felt like she had been abandoned on her big day.

While the sister had to tend to an urgent matter, the bride’s reaction made her feel like she shouldn’t have left in the middle of the wedding ceremony.

As a result, she went to Reddit’s “r/AmITheA--hole?” thread to get some outside opinions on her situation.


The bride was upset after her sister left the wedding to see her injured son in the hospital.

In the post, the woman explained that she was the maid-of-honor at her sister’s wedding.

The two get along quite well, but her sister isn’t fond of children.

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As a result, her wedding was child-free which meant the woman left her two children at home with her in-laws while her husband and she attended the ceremony.

However, during the ceremony, she got a call from her in-laws. 



The woman explained, “My in-laws called saying that my youngest hit his head while playing with my oldest and that they were taking him to the hospital.” 


Due to the family emergency, she couldn’t think straight, so, she decided to go to the hospital with her husband.

She then got a hold of one of the bridesmaids and let her be in charge.

“When it was time to talk to my sister, she had a meltdown saying that I couldn't go at the most important moment in her life and if I was choosing him instead [of] her,” the woman added.

The woman didn’t have time to deal with her sister’s tantrums so, she just left while stating her son was more important.

When she reached the hospital, the woman was relieved to see her son was fine but had to get a couple of stitches.

Her sister later called the woman to inquire about her son’s injury.


The bride threw another tantrum when she learned the boy had minor injuries.

“She started screaming saying that I abandoned her at the most important moment in her life and that she was without a family in her own marriage (no parents and grandparents),” the woman wrote.

The bride was even angrier as the bridesmaid who had been left in charge created a disaster at the wedding.

She believes that the woman’s husband could’ve stayed at the hospital while she could have attended the wedding.

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It seemed as though even the woman’s husband had enough of the bride’s meltdowns as he took the woman’s phone and told her off.


Even though the woman knew she had to tend to her family emergency, she felt bad that she missed out on one of her sister’s most important experiences.

Internet users didn’t think the woman was wrong and understood her family emergency.

One user wrote, “Your sister needs to chill. Yes, it ended up being a minor injury, but it could have been worse. Always better to be safe than sorry.”

Another user wrote, “Your sister is entitled to her hurt feelings about not having family on her wedding day, but she's overreacting and taking it out on you when you couldn't help it.”


There were also many people who thought that the bride’s reaction was justified.

One person commented, “I’m a mom to two littles, so I completely understand how concerning this was and wanting to be there…but I understand how your sister was. Couldn’t your husband have gone and you at least stayed for the ceremony?”

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