Woman Claps Back After Merciless Trolling For Saying She Enjoys Being Single — 'Life's Too Short To Care About Some Troll Behind A Keyboard'

Who knew saying you enjoy spending Saturdays cooking and watching TV would be so controversial?

woman responding to trolling she received for saying she enjoys being single @pmdpod / TikTok; @MattWalshBlog / Twitter

A lot of people on the rightward side of politics seem to have a lot to say about single women lately, as podcaster and TikToker Julia Mazur recently found out firsthand.

Her innocuous video about how she planned to spend her Saturday sparked a very bizarre right-wing firestorm — one that she expertly hit back at with another video showing just how ludicrous the far-right's bizarre obsession with single women really is.


Mazur got viciously trolled for a video detailing her day as a single woman.

The video could not have been less incendiary. Posted on a Saturday morning, Mazur, known as @pmdpod on the app, shared "what your Saturday morning looks like when you're single at 29 and you don't have a kid running around the house."



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It was pretty standard stuff — Mazur shared that she was recovering from a slight hangover after attending Beyoncé's "Renaissance Tour" the night before, and had a leisurely day planned of watching "Real Housewives of New York" and learning to make the Middle Eastern egg dish shakshouka after seeing a picture of it on Instagram.

Mazur had a deeper point to make with her video. She shared that her low-key Saturdays help her feel good about her life despite the fact that she hasn't yet added up to society's usual standards for women. "The effortless ease of my life... really pays off when I'm hard on myself for not being where society tells me I should be."

Mazur's TikTok immediately sparked backlash.

The abuse largely stemmed from right-wing trolls who think a woman's only purpose is to be a wife and mother.

You'll notice, of course, that Mazur never said she doesn't want to marry or have kids — in fact, she at least implied the opposite, talking about the societal ideal of being married and having a family as something she just hasn't arrived at yet. 


That seems to have escaped the hordes of critics who lambasted her on social media, especially far-right commentator and self-prolaimed "theocratic fascist" Matt Walsh, who took to Twitter to excoriate Mazur for the life she's living — and having the temerity to enjoy it. 

matt walsh tweet about julia mazurPhoto: X / Twitter

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"Her life doesn’t revolve around her family and kids so instead it revolves around TV shows and pop stars," he wrote in a tweet. "Worst of all she’s too stupid to realize how depressing this is."

Walsh went on to lament the "soul-crushing" lives that Mazur and those like her are "wasting...staring at little glowing boxes." Which is pretty rich for a guy whose entire career is... staring at little glowing boxes as a far-right Twitter and YouTube influencer. 

Despite the merciless abuse for saying she enjoys being single, Mazur says she is unfazed by the backlash.

The nearly week-long trolling campaign Walsh and his minions unleashed may have been a good time for them — and for his part, Walsh has of course monetized the heck out of it on YouTube — the target of their ire says she simply can't be bothered. 



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Mazur revealed that while she'd received waves of harassment, including death threats, from Walsh's legion of followers, none of it was relevant to her life. 

"I make content for people who are feeling anxious in life because they haven't met their person yet or started a family, and aren't rushing and settling to meet someone because some internet troll told them they're gonna die alone." After pointing out that 40-50% of marriages end in divorce, Mazur closed by saying, "life's too short to be figuring out what Matt Walsh wants us to do of what some internet troll behind their keyboard is saying." Hear, hear.

Right-wing rhetoric against single women (among other groups, of course) has reached such a fever pitch in recent years that it has even been the subject of scientific study, and one of the most pervasive beliefs among this particular genre of right-wingers is that single women "attack the family and order."

Given this, it only makes sense that Walsh would be one of the loudest voices speaking out against Mazur's innocuous tweet. A self-proclaimed "theocratic fascist," Walsh has made an entire career out of attacking trans and LGBTQ+ people and openly calling for doctors who perform gender-affirming care surgeries for trans people should be "executed." Real prince of a guy. 


Now, like so many others on the right, he has transitioned to promoting 1950s-style gender roles for women and advocating white male domination while vilifying women who haven't chosen to become baby factories. It's all very silly — and, much like how say, Fox News' anchors never actually believed their 2020 election lies, Walsh's shtick is little more than an act to monetize the shock value of bigotry and taboos.

Unfortunately, his followers don't seem to realize that and have turned his rhetoric into real-life violence, including murder. Still, Mazur's got the right idea — these people are an overly vocal, tiny minority who spend all of their time outraged over nothing and get their kicks by bullying people on Twitter like sixth graders.

Meanwhile, Mazur is enjoying her life of RHONY reruns and exotic home cooking. "And if anyone's wondering," she closed her video, "the shakshouka was delicious."

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