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Man Claims All Men Need To Be Happy Is A 'Grateful' Wife & 'Dinner Cooking On The Stove' When He Comes Home

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Matt Walsh and his family

Matt Walsh is a self-described “theocratic fascist, bestselling children’s author, and Transphobe Of The Year,” according to his Twitter bio.

He is also the author of a tweet raising ire on the internet, which seems to be something he’s known for doing.

Matt Walsh's tweet about what ‘a man wants’ ignores that women are also humans with individual desires and needs.

With his opinion setting back any movement towards gender equality, Walsh tweeted that “All a man wants is to come home from a long day at work to a grateful wife and children who are glad to see him, and dinner cooking on the stove.” 

The right-wing blogger, age 36, continued, “This is literally all it takes to make a man happy. We are simple. Give us this and you will have given us nearly everything we need.”

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It seems that Walsh has forgotten that women don’t exist as extensions of men whose sole purpose are to make them happy.

Walsh defended himself and his outdated opinion, stating that “If your husband is unhappy, consider whether you ever give him this one thing he wants. There’s a good chance the answer is no.”

Walsh’s original tweet garnered 16 million views and over 57,000 likes — yet not everyone on the platform agreed with what Walsh had to say.

“What gross, boring, sexist c-–p is this?” asked user Tauriq Moosa.

One Twitter user replied with the fairly obvious statement that it’s not a woman’s job to make men happy.

The Real Freedom Kat responded to Walsh’s tweet saying “If a man is unhappy it’s his own fault. Happiness doesn’t come from your surroundings. It comes from within.”

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'Go back to the 1950s,' tweeted user Jeremy Danner in response to Matt Walsh’s misogyny. 

“Is she allowed to wear shoes or is she barefoot and chained to the sink too? Just checking,” asked Twitter user Gemma Tognini, asking about Walsh’s perception of women in the home.

User Jenin Younes responded with her own personal context, saying, “I don’t have a problem with this being the arrangement between you and your wife, but as a woman who hates to cook and does not want to stay home with children but loves working as a lawyer, I can assure you there are many men who prefer to be with someone who challenges them intellectually and is passionate about her work. 

“People are different and that’s not a bad thing,” Younes stated, putting forth a valid argument for diversity of purpose. 

Walsh’s tweet actively ignores the fact that not every couple is heterosexual, and not every couple divides household labor along gender lines

Walsh is outspoken against the LGBTQ community, and created a documentary titled "What Is A Woman?" for the Daily Wire, a question he clearly doesn’t know the answer to, as his self-centered and misogynist attitude shows.

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