Conservative Men May Be Attracted To Liberal Women For The Same Reason They Attack Liberal Men

Many viewers were quick to agree with this assessment.

Shanna Reed Miles @srmilesauthor / TikTok

A woman explained the interesting reason why conservative men are more attracted to liberal women.

In a TikTok video, Shanna Reed Miles, an author and content creator, stitched a video from another creator on the video-sharing platform who asked the question, "Why do conservative men pursue liberal women?" Miles attempted to answer that question by analyzing the different ideologies between right- and left-wing politics.


Miles revealed that conservative men will often view liberal women as being more 'feminine.'

"I'm going to argue and walk with me while I say this, that traditional or conservative men pursue liberal women because they see liberal women as more feminine than conservative women," Miles began in her video.



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She continued, pointing out that it all boils down to the ideology between the right and left, saying that conservative men view liberalism as another form of feminism. "Whenever we see conservative men attack liberal men, it's about [how] they have coded liberalism as being feminism."

Miles claimed that was the case because liberalism is seen as being kinder and gentler than conservative viewpoints. "It is seen as you not being a go-getter, a taker, or conqueror, but someone who wants to build coalitions, someone who wants to compromise."

All of those attributes are usually associated with "feminine qualities," which is something that conservative men want in a partner. "They want someone who is kind and nurturing to partner with," Miles added.

However, those qualities are not usually associated with conservative women; instead, they are seen as being cold and masculine. 

In the caption of her video, Miles expanded on her opinion, writing, "It’s why they want the teachers and the nurses they want someone who is caring and nurturing. A nurse would never turn anyone away for their race or gender. A teacher should never harm a child because of their race or gender."


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Interestingly enough, the same can be said for progressive women being attracted to conservative men. In a 2018 study from Iowa State University, it was found that progressive women prefer men who demonstrate more traditional dating behaviors.

The women found these men to be “more attractive” because they signal a willingness “to invest by being protective, committed, and by providing resources.”

While conservative and liberal ideologies often diverge on specific policy issues, individuals within each group can still share fundamental values such as kindness, compassion, and a desire for personal growth. Conservative men may find that liberal women align with their core values, even if they differ in their political stances, and vice versa.


In the comments section, many viewers agreed with Miles' opinion.

"I also think it’s about wanting a challenge... like some people don’t like people that just agree with everything they say, they like a debate," one TikTok user wrote.

Another user added, "Conservative men want the thrill of the hunt. They see liberal women as a challenge. Conservative women are too easy."

"This makes sense when you think of the liberal women who date/marry racist men out of a distorted sense of tolerance," a third user chimed in.


Miles offered a response to this comment, agreeing with this perspective. "They want the privilege of being partnered [with] the conqueror without the responsibility of bloody hands," she wrote.

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