Man Wonders If He's Wrong To Fire His Babysitter After She Was Caught Drinking While Watching His Kids

The kids were in serious danger.

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Babysitting can be a great way for teens to make quick money but people can forget just how important it is to take this job seriously.

It might seem like easy work, but caring for children is no joke.

One man opened up online about his babysitter from hell except his story is made all the more complicated by the fact that the sitter is his sister.

The man asks if he was wrong for firing his sister as his babysitter.

Referring to the subreddit "r/AmItheA--hole" (AITA) for help, he posted his question.


In this subreddit, you tell the story of an issue you are experiencing, and then the community will determine if YTA "You're the A--hole," NTA "Not the A--hole," or ESH "Everyone Sucks Here."

The man begins his post by sharing that, since the summer started, his sister would babysit his two kids while he is away at work after being convinced to hire her by their parents.

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He said that it was all going well in the beginning — there were no problems, no issues, and his sister was doing a good job. Until one day, his sister's actions changed his mind.


He came home to find his sister drinking, and not alone.

"I came home late in the evening and found my sister, who was drinking alcohol & was drunk & her heavily drunk boyfriend who was throwing up in my bathroom," he wrote.

Seeing this infuriated the man because he had told her there would be no drinking on the job while watching his kids.

Asking where his kids were, his sister, in her drunken state, did not know.

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Thankfully, he found them outside digging in the yard, but as for his sister, he decided to kick her and her boyfriend out of the house and fire her on the spot. 


His sister criticized him, saying he was overacting because she had only a little to drink.

His parents got involved too, and said he was overreacting and being inconsiderate and tried to reassure him that nothing wrong happened, but he retorted, saying that wasn't the point.

Users have decided the man is NTA for what he did. 

After hearing his situation, users decided the man was not in the wrong for firing his sister, with many comments citing negligence on her part.

Some believed that the original poster was going to say something like, "I got home, and my sister was drinking while my kids were asleep."


They all assumed he was going to tell her that he did not want her to drink, but many did not expect this.

Other comments are more concerned that the original poster's mother is siding with her daughter instead of being worried for her grandkids' safety.

The situation for the father must've been intense, coming home to find his sister in a drunken state and her boyfriend suffering hyperemesis.


If his sister were drinking after the kids fell asleep, this would've been a question of right and wrong, but because she was drinking while watching his kids and didn't know where they were, the man reacted how a parent would. 

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