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Woman Ditches Boyfriend In The Middle Of Vacation After ‘Prank’ He Pulled At The Grand Canyon

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A woman's worst fear came true after going to the Grand Canyon with her boyfriend, causing her to leave him in Arizona.

Posting to the subreddit 'AITA' (Am I The A-hole), the woman explained that she'd decided to take a trip with her boyfriend to see the Grand Canyon.

She's deathly afraid of heights, and because of her fear, she refuses to go near windows, railings, or anything that overlooks heights of any kind. Despite her fear, she still wanted to go to the Grand Canyon since it's such a famous destination.

"I had multiple convos with my BF about my fears. At least 5 separate, in-depth convos about how scared I was about having a panic attack around strangers (I have a long history of panic attacks)," the woman wrote in her Reddit post.

The woman's boyfriend assured her that he would keep her away from any ledges, and calm her down if she became overwhelmed or scared at any point during their trip.

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However, it seemed as if her boyfriend didn't quite consider her fear as he had originally promised to, making their scenic stop for photos into a potentially relationship-ending argument.

The woman's boyfriend decided to joke around and grab her, pretending to push her over the edge of the cliff. 

The woman immediately started freaking out and ended up having a panic attack in front of the rest of the tour group, while the tour guide attempted to calm her down.

"I’m not proud of how I acted, but I’ll tell you it wasn’t pretty. I was sobbing and yelling that he was cruel for doing this. That he knew I was terrified and he was evil for using that against me," she continued.

In response, her boyfriend was yelling back at her, repeatedly saying that "it was a joke" and that she was taking things "way too seriously" and "to get over it because she was embarrassing" herself and him.

She told her boyfriend that he was a horrible person, and that "his ex was right to leave him." 

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"His ex left him bc she thought he was immature, but she left right before a “high profile” family event & embarrassed him among his family," the woman explained, adding that her boyfriend became upset that she said that, especially in public.

The tour guide eventually separated the two of them and took the woman back to his office. She had no idea where her boyfriend went after but decided she was going to leave Arizona because of how upset and angry she was over the entire incident.

"He wasn’t in our hotel when I got my stuff and I got a flight to my parents’ state and I’ve been staying here while I figure out if this relationship is still alive," she wrote.

The woman and her boyfriend live together and work for the same company, and she expressed that if they broke up things could become "very messy" between the two of them.

Many of the mutual friends she shares with her boyfriend have been reaching out to her and telling her that she is overreacting. 

"Besides my 3 closest friends, I haven’t told anyone anything, but [because] they all know him [as well] everyone has heard some version of events & they’re making it seem like I’m leading a PR campaign against him."

The woman's friends are upset that she left him in Arizona, despite the fact that she left him with their rental car, the hotel, and took an Uber to the airport.

She had also paid for everything on the trip, as well as leaving him a note telling him where she was going.

"I feel like people don’t understand, but there are so many people saying the same thing that I’m starting to question myself," she concluded.

The majority of people who commented on the woman's Reddit post agreed that she was NTA (Not The A-hole) in the situation.

"This relationship needs to be over. His ex WAS right to leave him. He is immature and cruel and not somebody you can trust, full stop. You communicated perfectly what you needed from him and he did the opposite," one user wrote.

Another user added: "A joke is only a joke if everyone is laughing and based on the prior conversations you had with him I don't see in what world he would have thought you would be."

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