Woman Learns Her Boyfriend Of 2 Years Has Kids After He Tries To Move Them In & Make Her Care For Them

Seems like a weird way to make this announcement...

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A woman was shocked to find out about her boyfriend secretly had two daughters and wasted no time in kicking him out.

She then went to Reddit’s “r/TrueOffMyChest” thread to share her story with strangers on the internet. 

She only learned her boyfriend had two children after 2 years together.

“After dating for almost 2 years and never seeing or hearing of any children. He suddenly brought home two precious little girls,” the woman wrote.


He explained that the couple will have to take care of the girls as their mother had gotten into a car crash and was in the hospital recovering.

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Finding out about her boyfriend’s daughters was shocking enough but, having to take care of them was a bit too much to handle.

The woman explained, “I should’ve kicked him out right there and then but I just couldn’t justify the girls suffering.”

Without any complaints, the woman took care of the girls and supported them when they feared for their mother’s well-being.


At the same time, her boyfriend wasn't interested in helping out with his daughters.

"He expected me to carry the burden of parenting while he watched TV, was at the gym or was just out and I did. He never even once took the girls to visit their mother in the hospital," the woman explained.

She never anticipated that her partner would behave like this and, inevitably, was becoming increasingly frustrated.

Then, her boyfriend was even brazen enough to pick a fight over the fact that she has been occupied caring for his children.

“Tonight he had the audacity to be angry with me because he feels I haven’t been paying him attention lately." 

She decided to kick her boyfriend out of the house.

Since she was still considered about her boyfriend's daughter, she waited until they could go back to their mother before taking action.


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However, after the children were gone, the woman decided that she would break up with her boyfriend, leaving all of his things out on the street.

Redditors are praising the woman for taking care of the girls.

One user wrote, “You will go down in history with those two little girls as some sort of guardian angel. Thank goodness you stepped up.”

“What you have done here is the right thing, you made sure the children did not suffer even though they were not your children,” another user wrote.

“Kick this loser out you deserve better and the behavior he has displayed will eventually be how he is with you.”


One person wrote, “So thankful the mother is okay and you were there for her girls! Good that this came to light now before you ended up married. What a loser!”

Many people harshly criticized the man as they thought about how he could not have brought up his children in the two years they were dating.

One person commented, “Honestly how did he manage to hide 2 children for 2 years, what sort of con artist is this guy? So happy you’re leaving, may your path away from this be blessed, dear stranger!”


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