Woman Asks If She’s Wrong To Refuse To Pay For Life-Saving Surgery For Boyfriend's Son Who She Has Never Met

This sounds like a scam...

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A woman has caused Reddit users to fear she is being scammed by her long-term boyfriend after revealing his request for a loan.

The woman told her story on Reddit’s “r/AmItheA--hole” thread, where users seek out strangers' opinions on whether or not they are in the wrong in a conflict in their lives.

The woman has been dating a single father for three months but hasn't met his children yet as her boyfriend has insisted that it was too soon.


However, she has been sending expensive gifts to the children every weekend.


“My boyfriend assured me that he will tell them eventually where these gifts are coming from,” the woman wrote.

After a while, the woman didn’t hear from her boyfriend for a whole week until he reached out to her stating that one of his sons was in the hospital due to an injury.

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The woman offered to visit his son but her boyfriend suggested that she send him gifts instead.

Later on, he called the woman again with a specific request in mind.


He asked her to lend him $5,000 for his son’s surgery.

“I have to say that I was caught off guard but he said that he felt so heavy making this request but had no one else willing to help but me,” the woman wrote.

As $5,000 is a lot of money, so she was understandably uncomfortable with the request.

Initially, her boyfriend understood but soon he started pressuring her, claiming the surgery needed to happen soon and how important it was for his son.

"He promised that he'll have me meet his son and other son right after he gets done with the surgery which is great but again the money is a lot, $5000 is a lot of money.”

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The woman eventually refused but this only caused more strife with her boyfriend who told her she doesn’t care about him or his kids.

He then hung up the phone in anger and later sent a photo of his son with an IV to the woman. 

This made the woman feel extremely bad and guilty about not wanting to lend him money.

“I'm still refusing to pay but a friend of mine says I should do it and have some sort of contract in place to ensure I get the money back,” the woman wrote.

So, she went to Reddit to ask strangers for an opinion on her situation.

Internet users claimed that he might be scamming her and she shouldn’t lend him any money.

One user wrote, “Honestly... seems like you are being scammed. Don't pay. Did he [say] what exactly is the health problem, and what is the surgery?”


Another user wrote, “I'm all for benefit of the doubt but 3 months in does not warrant expensive gifts for children I have not met or $5k for a surgery on one of [the] said children.”

“This is a scam. You have never met the kids. You don't have proof they exist. He sent you a picture of an arm with an IV that could be anyones. After you said no he started emotionally blackmailing you,” one person commented.

“You are also sending gifts to these kids every week?? This whole post is one red flag after another. You send him that money and you will never see it or him again.”


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