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Mother-In-Law Lashes Out & Tells Mom She's 'Disgusting' For Bathing Her Kids Together

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Mom in bath with kids

Mothers-in-law can be overbearing, pushing boundaries, and inserting themselves into business that isn't theirs.

A frustrated woman recently took to the subreddit "r/AmItheA--hole" (AITA) to ask readers if she was wrong for kicking her children’s grandmother out of her house.

The grandmother criticized her for her 'disgusting' parenting.

The altercation started when the woman’s mother-in-law came over for dinner.

Usually, she leaves shortly after, but on this occasion, she just happened to hang around afterward.

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The Redditor needed to prepare a bath for her two kids, a two-year-old son, and a seven-month-old daughter.

She asked her mother-in-law to watch them while she did so.

After she ran the bathwater, she retrieved the children and took both of them into the bathroom to start bathing them.

Her mother-in-law followed them to the bathroom, where things took a sharp turn.

According to the woman, "Well I believe she [my mother-in-law] thought I was going to bath both kids separately because as I begin to undress them both she walks into the bath room and start yelling at me."

The angry grandma began telling her how “disgusting” she was for bathing children of opposite genders together.

She said it would confuse them and feared they would turn out “messed up” like her daughter-in-law’s family.

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That was a particularly low blow because that poster’s family struggles from mental health issues and her mother-in-law is aware of that.

After several minutes of verbal abuse from her mother-in-law, she’d had enough and told her, “Get the hell out of my house.”

You would think that would have been the end of it, but since then, the ejected mother-in-law has allegedly started to send angry messages.

Now the mother is asking if she did the right thing by kicking the disrespectful woman out of her home.

Commenters let her know they had her back, and that she had done the right thing.

One person said, “I’m too petty for that sh-t- I’d be asking her why she’s having sexual thoughts about my infant and toddler and what kind of perverse sh-t happened in her house to make her think that children are sexual objects. But that’s me….”

Another user concurred, commenting, “I agree. If [mother-in-law] really appreciated purity as much as she does, her mind certainly wouldn't automatically be going into incest between children. NASTY.”

Additionally, someone stated the obvious, “Does [mother-in-law] expect her to leave the baby unsupervised while she privately bathes the 2yo? And vice versa?”

“The best day of my life was when my son could sit on his own so that he joined his older sister for baths. They still bath together now at 3.5 and 2yo.”

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