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Woman Reveals How Her Grandparents Got Revenge On Her Father After Learning He Abandoned Her

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A woman opened up to Reddit’s r/AmITheA-hole about how her father was served karma after reentering her life despite abandoning her as a child.

In this subreddit, users share their story about a conflict that has been bothering them. Then, other Reddit users in Once the community will vote on who is in the wrong using the ratings YTA for ‘you’re the a-hole,’ NTA if the person is “not the a-hole," ESH for “everyone sucks here” and NAH, meaning “no a-holes here.”

The woman asked if she was wrong for 'forcing' her father to pay for child support.

Beginning her post, the woman explains why she doesn't get on with her father.

“When he got my mother pregnant, he wanted her to quit her job and just stay home to 'be a good little wife and mother,'" she claims.

When her mother refused this, he decided to divorce her and move back to Europe, but because of a prenup they signed, her mother was left with nothing.

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Fortunately, her mom got a good job and her parents helped out so, even though the woman's father never paid child support, she had a good childhood.

Now, the woman is 28 and is marrying her fiancé very soon and her paternal grandparents have tracked her down, wanting to be part of her life.

They never knew about her but quickly figured out about her because her fiancé is from their town but they were outraged to learn that their son had abandoned his child.

"So long story short they had their lawyer calculate the amount of child support my father should have paid with inyerest and the cost of my post-secondary education," she explains.

"They then gave me this as a gift. What I didn't know was that it came out of my father's yearly draw on his trust fund."

Her father is now furious because of the amount that was taken without his approval, and he will now need to get a job which is something he despises. 

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“He has been contacting me and telling me that his current wife and children will be negatively affected if I don't give him back this money.”

The woman is deciding to keep the money, pay off any debt her mother has and use it to buy her own vehicle. So she is asking for judgment if she is in the wrong.

The community says the woman is NTA.

Comments from everyone say the woman is nowhere in the wrong for this and that her father should’ve been paying all along.

Many are also praising her grandparents for doing what they did, and are urging the woman to keep her grandparents around as they are the best thing to happen for her.

That old superstition about karma is true for this story. Eventually, it comes back to bite you.

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