Woman Explains Why She’ll Raise Her Daughters To Be Homemakers And Not Careerwomen

First and foremost, she wants her daughters to be stay-at-home mothers.

Solie explains why she's teaching her daughters to be homemakers @andreandsolie / TikTok

In today's world, it has become increasingly common for women to work towards becoming valued members of the workforce rather than stay-at-home parents.

On the other end of the spectrum is Solie, a mother who, along with her husband, Andre, shares family content on TikTok under the username @andreandsolie. Solie has taken a stand to champion the value of homemaking. Through her recent posts, she has passionately expressed her views on the role of women as homemakers, offering a perspective that resonates with many and challenges prevailing societal norms.


She explains why she'll raise her daughters to be homemakers and not careerwomen.

"We live in a society that devalues homemakers and praises careerwomen," she said in a voiceover. In the video, she's seen engaging in crafts at home and cooking in the kitchen as she takes care of her child, aiming to prove that responsibilities like these should not be undervalued.



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"Your role as a homemaker is extremely valuable. Healthy families thrive when women embrace their role as homemakers. Nothing can replace the value of a woman as a homemaker — no Grammy Award, Nobel Prize, or Ph.D. Nothing," she said.

These sentiments resonate with many who feel that the growing emphasis on career and professional achievements has overshadowed the traditional role of a homemaker.

Her message emphasizes the unique and irreplaceable value that homemakers contribute to families and society at large.

In a follow-up video that expanded on her views, Solie took the conversation further by elaborating on the way she and her partner are raising their daughters.

"We will raise our daughters to be homemakers and not career women. Being a homemaker will be option A for our daughters, and here's why. As parents, we believe it's our responsibility to guide our children's paths," she said. 




She clarifies that her philosophy isn't anti-education or anti-career but, instead, emphasizes the skillset that managing a home demands.

"This doesn't mean our daughters won't have jobs or education, but they will be fully equipped with skills to manage a home, run a home-based business, care for children, and respect their future partners. Many of these skills, like time management, are valuable in various life contexts," she said.

Solie's approach seeks to balance traditional values with modern realities. She argues that it isn't about limiting options but rather about preventing "confusion and debt accumulation after high school and college." 

By instilling homemaking skills in their daughters, Solie, and her partner aim to provide them with flexibility and stability.


"Our daughters will have the flexibility to assist friends and siblings with children, even if they're single. They'll provide a stable home base to support their own families and engage in adventures while being present for their loved ones," she said.

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The response to Solie's videos has been varied. Some people agree with her philosophy, while others believe that it should be more nuanced than that.

An overwhelming number of people felt that women should be taught to be able to both have homemaking skills and be able to work a job at the same time.

"Why not both? I’m going to school to become a nurse, but I am also wanting to be a mother one day and be able to take care of my family also," one person wrote.


Someone also brought up the point that both positions should be equally praised. "So should we not praise career women? Can we not have both?" they wrote.

On the other hand, some felt that the skills they were teaching didn't have a gender. Boys can learn how to be homemakers too! "I’m teaching both my sons and daughters. I believe boy/men need these valuable lessons as well in life! To know to take care and fend for other," one person wrote.

Life is all about choices! One role should not be praised over another, and it definitely shouldn't be gendered when it doesn't have to be.


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