Mom Who Went Out Of Town Is Furious When Husband Calls Her About Feeding The Kids — 'I Was Speechless'

She only went out of town for a few hours and yet her husband couldn't handle taking care of their kids.

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A woman revealed her frustration after her husband was incapable of taking care of their children on his own.

Posting to the subreddit "r/BreakingMom," she shared that she had taken a short trip to visit family and left her husband to take care of their children. However, while away, her husband called with a ridiculous question that left his wife fuming.

He called and asked what his wife was planning on feeding their children while she was away on a trip.

In her Reddit post, she explained that she had taken a 3-hour road trip to her parent's house to help with a medical situation and that it was only going to be a short day trip.


"My husband was understanding and able to shorten his work day to be home when our children arrive from school. I let him know I'd be back around our children's bedtime if not just after," she wrote. On the day of the trip, everything starts out without a single hitch.

She took her children to school and shortly after hit the road to her parent's house. "I make it to my parents and we take care of everything, taking up most of the day, and I start preparing to return home just after 5 pm," she said.

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However, as she was leaving to head back home she noticed a call coming through from her husband. When she answered the phone, her husband simply asked her what she was planning on feeding their daughters when she was back home. 

The question immediately shocked her, especially since everything that he would need to make their daughter's dinner was in the kitchen. "Our pantry is stocked, leftovers and fresh food in the fridge, restaurants down the street, Doordash and Uber Eats at his fingertips but he calls me about feeding our children who were in his care while I was driving home from 3 hours away," she pointed out.

Without even having to reply, she claimed her husband was able to sense her annoyance by the silence after his question, and quickly changed his tune, assuring her that he would figure it out himself.

In the comments section, many other mothers were quick to share the absurd questions and instances where their own husbands had asked in situations where they should have been more than capable of handling it themselves. 


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"When I was in hospital recovering from giving birth, my husband called me to ask what we needed from the supermarket as he was doing a grocery order," one Reddit user shared.

Another user added, "That's my husband too. I had a miscarriage and was in severe pain. I was trying to paint cabinets to prep to sell the house. My husband after a few hours of gaming, comes to ask me what I made for dinner..."

When it comes to shared responsibilities, many mothers are tired of being the ones who hold up their homes.

Many women often feel like single moms due to the lack of help they receive from their husbands on a daily basis. 


In a study conducted by ForbesWoman and the pregnancy website TheBump, via Reuters, it was found that 92% of working moms and 89% of stay-at-home moms felt overwhelmed by work, home, and parenting responsibilities.

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Seventy percent of working moms and 68% of stay-at-home mothers questioned in the poll of more than 1,200 women also revealed that they feel resentful toward their partner because of all they have to do. On top of that, nearly 30% of working mothers said they do the bulk of the household chores and 31% said they are responsible for all of the parenting.

Sharing responsibilities as parents is crucial for many reasons and acknowledges that both parents should have valuable contributions to make in nurturing and raising their children. Placing all of the parental burdens on mothers will only lead them to feel physically and emotionally burnt out. 

Such disparities not only put undue pressure on mothers but also hinder fathers from fully engaging in their children's lives. Children benefit from having both parents actively involved in their upbringing, and fathers miss out on valuable bonding opportunities when they are relegated to the role of secondary caregivers.


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