Mom Shows All The Ways She's Training Her Young Boy To Be A Good Husband To 'Your Daughter' — 'Quality Man In The Making'

Many other moms are participating in this trend of teaching their sons how to be "good husbands."

Zohra @thatlawyermomlife / TikTok

A mom revealed the specific physical and emotional lessons that she is teaching her young son.

Zohra, posted several videos to TikTok where she explained the life skills she is making sure her son knows about so that when the time comes, he will be an attentive and responsible husband one day.

She revealed the ways she's training her son to be a good husband to 'your daughter.'

In Zohra's first video, which amassed over 220,000 views, she explained that she was teaching her son how to "splurge" and "be cheerful" about buying holiday decor.




In overlay text, she wrote, "Teaching my son to be cheerful & splurge on holiday decor so your daughter doesn't have to justify why she spent $200 on an inflatable." In the caption of her video, Zohra claimed that she would be teaching her son exactly where to shop for these decorations.


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In another video, Zohra insisted that she was actively teaching her son the importance of being emotionally mature.



"Teaching my son how to journal so he can express his feelings so your daughter doesn't have to deal with a man who can't express his feelings or regulate his emotions," she wrote in overlay text.


In a third video, Zohra continued the trend, informing viewers how she was teaching her son the benefits of self-care. "Teaching my son the importance of self-care & good nail hygiene, so he can pamper your daughter & book her a spa day for a few weeks," she wrote.

This trend has been done by other boy moms on TikTok under the #TeachingOurSons.

One mom, Desai, opened up about why she joined in on the trend and feels the need to make sure her son is the best possible partner for a woman one day, explaining that she wants to make a change since many women are subjected to accommodating men.



"Even though the videos I'm doing on this trend are funny, it's also showing me the responsibility that I have to future generations," Desai pointed out. "And sometimes, as women, we feel powerless to the confines and constraints, and the way that society is."


"This is my way of being able to make a change, and it starts in my home."

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While the trend is meant to highlight the importance of teaching young men valuable lessons, they mustn't be just learning these things to be 'good husbands.'

"Training" young sons to be good husbands can imply that there is a specific mold that men must fit into as husbands, which only perpetuates traditional gender roles. This reinforces the idea that men should fulfill certain expectations while women fulfill others, limiting both genders' potential to pursue their interests and abilities freely.


While some of these lessons are beneficial, especially teaching young boys the importance of self-care, journaling, and overall, the best ways they can take care of themselves, it's essential that parents are making sure these teachings are being imparted to their sons to better themselves for themselves instead of doing it for someone else.

By focusing on these life lessons, mothers can help their sons develop into well-rounded, compassionate, and capable individuals who contribute positively to society, regardless of their future roles as partners. It's about nurturing qualities that make them better human beings and enable them to thrive in various aspects of life.

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