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Woman Drops Out Of Maid Of Honor Role After Learning Something The Bride Did 6 Years Ago, Sparking Debate

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Woman Drops Out Of Her Maid Of Honor Role Weeks Before Wedding

The wedding day is the happiest day for any bride when all her friends and family members are there to celebrate with her. However, this woman may have ruined her best friend’s wedding day.

The woman dropped out of her maid of honor role at her best friend’s wedding just weeks before the wedding. 

It seems she might have felt guilty for doing so as she went to the AITA (Am I The A-hole?) subreddit on Reddit to post about her situation.

The woman dropped out of her maid of honor role after finding out that her brother confessed his love for the bride.

The woman mentioned that her brother and the bride used to go out a long time ago. However, they were never in a committed relationship. It was just a fling that didn’t last long.

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As the woman had been aware of this, her relationship with her best friend wasn’t hindered in any way.

She also assumed that things between her brother and her best friend had been well as she had seen them being friendly with each other even after they had broken up.

However, just a few days before the wedding, her brother told her something.

She wrote, “So few days before I dropped out of my MOH role my brother revealed to me about how he had admitted he's in love with my best friend back then.”

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He also mentioned that he has always disliked that the bride broke up with him to get together with her current fiancee. 

The woman also found out that the bride had been mean to her brother when they broke up. 

Hearing all of this information, the woman felt bad for her brother. She wrote, “She's my best friend but he's my brother. And I can't imagine siding with a person who hurt my brother like that.”

As a result, she backed out of the wedding. She told the bride about it and she was upset that the woman would do something like that just a few weeks before the wedding.

The bride even called her out for making a big deal over something so trivial. So the woman went to Reddit to ask people about their opinions.

Internet users took the bride’s side and called the woman out too.

People were quick to note that the woman was wrong in this situation. They also agreed with the bride claiming the woman’s actions were quite petty. 

As the issue was so small and something that happened years ago, the woman shouldn’t have made such a drastic decision.

Many people also stated that she wasn’t being a good friend and her actions may have ruined the bride’s day and their friendship.

“So you're ending your 12-year relationship with your best friend solely because she didn't have the same feelings for your brother as he had for her 6 years ago?” One user wrote.

“He could have told you this at any time, but right before the wedding so she has to sweat about it? Dropping out doesn't make you a good sister. It does make you a bad friend.”

“This isn’t a situation [that] requires you to take sides. Any conflict that occurred has long passed. And I question just how close you actually are with your brother," Another user wrote.

"Because if it was as traumatic at the time as he is claiming now, why wouldn’t he have turned to you for support?”

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