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'My Wedding Is In Two Months, But I Think I’m Done' — Woman Seeks Advice After Going Through Fiancé’s Phone

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Fiancé Cheating Two Months Before Wedding

Just two months before her wedding, a woman found out that her fiance had been cheating on her.

The woman posted about her situation on the subreddit, ‘TrueOffMyChest’ mentioning that she had been with her fiance for ten years and they were going to get married soon.

However, she may be having second thoughts about her wedding after a revelation she had. She mentioned that he had been acting a bit strange two months before the wedding. 

The woman checked his phone and found out that he had been Snap-chatting with his female co-worker in the middle of the night. 

Some of the snaps between the two had been shared at 2 am.

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She wrote, “He has zero text messages from her. The Snapchat message said ‘Aw, [okay]. Sweet dreams. Thanks for talking to me. Got another win!’ (Talking about video games).”

The woman then started chatting with the co-worker pretending that she was her fiance. 

She didn’t find out anything major, however, her fiance and the co-worker had been chatting every day, mostly in the middle of the night.

She was disappointed to learn that they had been Snap-chatting every day as most of the time, her fiance doesn’t even send her a reply to her texts.

She also found out the co-worker’s address from her account as she had her location turned on. The woman recognized the address from her fiance’s search history on Google maps.

“I have given him ten years of my life,” she wrote.

She also mentioned that she has been having stress because of this. As a result, she can’t sleep and has thrown up multiple times. 

However, she hasn’t brought it up with her fiance yet as she fears he would just brush it off and be more careful the next time a similar situation arises.

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She also doesn’t know how to move forward as she has been with him for ten years and doing anything to jeopardize a relationship like that feels terrifying. 

“Thank God we don’t have children. Just a house, two dogs, and ten years' worth of memories… what I thought were good times. I thought he wanted to marry me,” she wrote.

She further wrote that their wedding is happening in two months which was also their tenth anniversary. 

However, after finding out that he might be cheating on her, she doesn’t want to continue with the wedding. Even so, she feels a bit confused as to how she should move forward.

Internet users sympathized with the woman and offered her support.

One user commented, “I'm truly so very sorry. . . but, consider it a great blessing that you found out now before the wedding. I know it's painful but you know what to do. Continuing will only make it worse.”

“The fact that you have committed 10 years of your life to him and have a wedding in two months has no bearing on whether or not this man is loyal to you,” Another user wrote.

“[Don't] stay with a cheater. It [isn't] worth the risk or heartache. There are millions of better men out there for you.”

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