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Mom Considers Divorcing Husband After He Hired A Female Sex Worker To 'Convert' Their Gay Teen Son

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Paying a sex worker

A mother on Reddit shared her story about her 17-year-old son and how her husband refuses to believe that he’s gay because of  his deep-rooted homophobia.

“I need to vent because I feel like I'm going insane!” she opened her post on the subreddit r/TrueOffMyChest where people post confessions about their lives just to, you know, get it off their chest.

Her husband’s homophobia towards their son had always been bad since he came out to them, but things progressed to the point where she felt the need to leave the home altogether with the teenager.

Her husband hired a female sex worker to show their gay teenage son 'what to do with one.'

He seems to struggle with a bout of toxic masculinity as the wife cites that he grew up “the old-fashioned way” and “still refuses to believe my son is gay.”

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Apparently, he thinks that his son is doing it because of some sort of resentment the 17-year-old has for his father — so he tried to take things into his own hands.

“Last year he tried to [send] our son to a conversion therapy camp, those places advertise as ‘clinics for men’ but I opposed so fiercely that he gave up that idea,” she said.

Conversion therapy is harmful treatment towards LGBTQ persons in an attempt to erase their sexual orientation, their gender identity, or any sort of queer expression that others hold resentment towards.

Conversion therapy has been proven to lead to depression, anxiety, drug use, homelessness, and suicide, but luckily, his mother is on his side.

They’ve both been trying to manage and deal with her husband’s homophobia, but things have only gotten worse for them.

The father is berating the son, making homophobic comments and jokes, has taken up drinking again after having been an alcoholic before dating his wife, and even went as far as throwing out his son’s poetry books since he claims poetry is for “f---ots.”

This all culminated in the husband hiring a female sex worker while the mother wasn’t home.

“He told my son that maybe he said he was a F because he has never been with a woman or didn't know what to do with one and that girl was going to teach him,” she wrote.

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Fortunately, the sex worker was very kind about it and told her son that there was nothing wrong with being gay and that fathers often hire her for the exact same reason she was hired.

She said she would be happy being paid for doing absolutely nothing, but despite her kindness, the 17-year-old boy still felt “humiliated, ashamed and that his privacy had been violated.”

That was the final straw for the wife, because when her son called her, she had driven home to pick him up, kick the woman out, and stay at their friend’s house until she decides what she’s going to do about her husband.

“I'm going to divorce him because [these last few] years have been an inferno at home with him and I think I can't forgive him for what he did,” she concluded.

Going the lengths to hire a female sex worker for your gay son who is a minor is awful, and she should take her son and run, just like she said.

The comments on the post were all in support of the mother and applauded the sex worker for her tact as well.

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