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Woman Confronts Her Guy Best Friend For Taking Her Picture Out Of His Wallet & Replacing It With One Of His Girlfriend

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A woman was hurt after her childhood friend replaced a photo of the two of them together in his wallet with a photo of his girlfriend.

Her lengthy friendship with her male best friend has been threatened by his new relationship but her understanding of boundaries seems somewhat skewed.

Sharing her story to the Reddit's r/AmITheA–hole, the 22-year-old woman revealed that she has been friends with a man named, John since they were children. “As kids, we were very close and we had a fake wedding when we were seven and eight,” she wrote. “In high school, we recreated the fake wedding pics and he had one of those pics in his wallet. 

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The woman confronted her friend after realizing that he had replaced the photo of them in his wallet with one of his girlfriend. 

The dynamic between the two changed after John met his girlfriend, Dinah two years ago. “John has distanced himself from me,” the woman shared. “We still hang out but I feel like he always makes time for Dinah first instead of me.” 

The only time the woman is able to see John is when they grab coffee together once every few days. He also no longer sleeps over at her house like he used to when they were younger. The woman admits that she feels “neglected” and “hurt” since they were so inseparable during childhood and now feels as if she has been tossed to the side.

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One morning while she and John were grabbing coffee, the woman noticed something in his wallet that upset her. “I noticed he had put a picture of him and Dinah in the place he had our fake wedding picture,” she wrote. When she confronted her friend about this, he replied, “What about it?” This only upset the woman even more. 

“I was like ‘really? Why did you have to take our picture out and replace it with him and Dinah?’” she wrote. “He said Dinah is his girlfriend and he doesn't understand why I'm making such a big deal about it.” While the woman acknowledged that she understood that Dinah was John’s girlfriend, she argued that they have known each other since primary school and that he cannot just “throw her away” by replacing a photo of the two of them with someone he has known for a significantly less amount of time.  

However, her friend disagreed with her. “He got annoyed and told me that once I stop being an immature annoying brat he'll talk to me again,” the woman wrote. “Until then I better leave him to his peace because he's not dealing with my ‘childish’ tantrum.” 

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Source: Reddit

Many Redditors believed that the woman was wrong and was overreacting. 

“You're not his wife or his girlfriend, his partner should come before you regardless of your history together,” one user pointed out. “Why would you think a childhood photo of you pretending to get married should take precedence of him with his actual girlfriend? Properly bizarre expectation on your side,” another user wrote. 

Other users noted that meeting a friend every few days for coffee appeared to still be a very close adult friendship. Others even suggested that the woman may like John as more than a friend, and is jealous of his girlfriend. 

It is important to note that while moving into adulthood, you may grow apart from your childhood friends and things may be very different from what they used to be. Careers, moving locations, and relationships all happen. Just because other commitments arise and you may not see your childhood friends as often as you used to does not mean that you are any less important to each other. Pictures may be replaced with others, but the memory of when they were taken will last forever. 

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