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Woman Ask If She Was Wrong For Calling Her Dad 'Creepy' After He Commented On Her 'Revealing' Running Clothes

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When her dad made a rude comment about her running clothes, a 19-year-old woman hit back with an accusation that no father wants to hear.

Now, she is asking Reddit's AITA (Am I the A-hole) subreddit if her comeback took things a little too far.

She called her dad a 'pervert' after he claimed her running clothes are 'revealing.'

The young lady tells readers that she recently started running as a hobby. She explains that she lives in Southern California, where the weather is hot.

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She was recently preparing to go for a jog and had put on a sports bra and a pair of Nike shorts. Her father was not happy with her attire.

According to the poster, her dad “made rude comments about it like how it’s so revealing and that you can see my cleavage and inner thighs in it.”

He then demanded that she change clothes, causing his daughter to become upset about his harsh judgment.

That’s when she called him a “creepy pervert” for commenting on her body. She explained that she was wearing standard running clothes, so found his criticism over the top.

She went on to say, “And [by the way] men go on runs shirtless all the time!” Her dad was visibly upset, stopped talking to her, and refuses to even look her way.

She confronted her father to see what the problem was and he told her she was “extremely offensive and unfair to him."

She has turned to Redditers to ask if she was wrong for calling her dad a pervert and whether or not she should apologize.

The poster also clarified that the comments about her cleavage and her inner thigh came after he labeled her outfit “too revealing” and “inappropriate”.

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She asked him what about her outfit was inappropriate or revealing and he said she was showing too much cleavage and her inner thighs were exposed.

Readers have taken some strong stances about the situation. One person posted, “OP dad's has fragile masculinity also. It's so fragile he can't be called out on things due to fear of his masculinity breaking.”

Another commenter argued that it was a "leap" to label the man "fragile" just because of his one comment.

The commenter continued, “Seriously [she] could have called him out and [said] that there's nothing wrong with what she's wearing, but instead she called out that he's a creepy pervert. Do you know how severe is that accusation to just throw around?”

Most fathers are protective of their children, especially daughters. A man noticing that his child is exposed is not out of the ordinary.

People have proposed that the man take issue with the men that may be looking at his daughter, but he can’t possibly control that. All he can do is offer insight and guidance to his own child.

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