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Woman Asks If She's Wrong To Argue With Mom Who Won't Let Her Share A Bed With Her Husband ‘Because He’s White’

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woman arguing with her mom

A woman sharing a bed with her husband is the most normal thing, however, this woman’s mom doesn't think so.

Upon seeing how unfair it is, the woman argued with her mom, however, contemplated her actions. As a result, she posted about her situation on the ‘AITA (Am I The A-Hole)’ Subreddit where people ask internet users for opinions on their problems or situations.

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The woman wrote that her parents don’t feel comfortable with the couple sharing a bed in their house.

When she visited them with her family, her mom asked that her husband sleep on the couch.

The woman was quite shocked after she found out about her parents' wishes when the couple and their two kids were visiting. 

The woman wrote, “Apparently my dad doesn’t feel comfortable. I called her [mom] and my dad weird and told my husband to ignore them.”

After the couple put their kids to bed, they were getting ready for bed. However, the woman’s mom barged into their room and made it clear that she doesn’t want them sharing a bed.

She further wrote, “My husband is freaking terrified at this point because he was in the middle of changing so he leaves for the couch and my mom says she’s sorry but she’s not in the mood to deal with my dad’s complaining all night.”

The woman mentioned in her post that her sister and her husband shared a bed in their house so she questioned her mom as to why them sharing a bed is a problem.

"She goes 'well... your husband is white so your dad feels weird.' I was over it so I said fine," the woman wrote.

After getting up in the middle of the night, the woman saw her husband struggling to sleep and feeling uncomfortable on the couch.

“So I sat down next to him and we both accidentally fell asleep,” she writes.

The next morning, her mother saw them sleeping together and wouldn’t stop “freaking out” which led to an argument.

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“She was whisper yelling (so she doesn’t wake up my dad) and asked if we’re that codependent on each other that we can’t spend one night alone.”

Even in that situation, the woman tried explaining that it was a simple mistake, however, her mother wasn’t buying it and kept calling her “disrespectful” and “selfish”.

The woman was quite upset at this point but had to finish their argument as her kid called out for her.

The woman, however, did wonder that she might be wrong in this situation so she posted on Reddit to ask people.

Reddit users don’t think the woman is wrong and are calling her parents racist.   

One user wrote, “Why are your parents racist? Do they treat your kids differently because they’re half white? If they do, you need to step up and protect your children from your bigoted parents. And step up for your husband, too.”

Another user wrote, “Here’s what you should do, set clear boundaries that if your husband will not be respected by your parents, then you can no longer visit their home that includes an overnight stay. You are married, you have kids, they are the priority.”

The woman saw the many comments by internet users which stated that her parents were being racist. She then added an edit in her post saying, “I know a lot of this has to do with my husband being white and them being racist/prejudiced.”

She also commented on one of the posts, “Now that I’ve gotten a few comments I’m thinking of talking to my parents about how weird they were being.”

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