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Woman Leads Her 'Ecstatic' Boyfriend & His Parents To Believe She's Pregnant — Now She Doesn't Know How Share The Truth

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When getting into a relationship, one of the first topics of discussion is whether or not each partner plans on having children.

A 23-year-old woman took to the subreddit, r/relationship_advice, to share the reason she is caught between a rock and a hard place.

The most important thing to know is that she and her 25-year-old boyfriend have always agreed that becoming parents was not in their future.

That made a recent pregnancy scare that much more terrifying for her. She tells readers that a condom had broken, and her menstrual cycle was late.

Because of that, she told her boyfriend and took a pregnancy test, and according to her, “F-cked it up as I didn't know how to use it and it came up void.”

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To her surprise, her partner started to believe she was pregnant and was 'ecstatic.'

To get a definitive answer, the young woman went to see a doctor and found out that she was not pregnant, much to her relief.

She stated that had she been pregnant, she would have had an abortion.

Two days after finding out she was not with child, her boyfriend approached her with a plan, assuming they had a baby on the way.

She says, “He sorted out living arrangements for us to move in together, back in his childhood room, with his parents on the opposite side of the country.”

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He had also told his parents they were about to be grandparents and they were over the moon.

To make matters worse, the supposed soon-to-be father had began purchasing furniture and having it delivered to his parents’ home in anticipation of the couple’s new arrival.

Having only met her boyfriend’s parents once, the poster has no plans on moving and wants to stay put because her parents live nearby.

She adds, “If I was pregnant and wanting to keep it, he had just picked the weirdest and dumbest idea.”

Through all of this, the woman has still neglected to break the news that there is no bun in the oven. Now she’s weighing her options on ways to deliver the disheartening information.

The first comment was upvoted over 7,000 times. It read, “Holy sh-t. He sure escalated that fast.”

“I’m sorry, I’m honestly laughing at how absurd the situation is. In what universe does he think he’s living?”

“How could his version of the situation be so out of alignment with yours? It’s like he had a little miniature manic episode to punctuate the big news.”

Another reader agreed, stating, “Exactly this. This was so weird. He also went about taking steps to arrange everything to accommodate exactly the opposite of what you wanted to do with your body.”

“This needs a serious conversation, and he apparently changed his mind on kids. Don't be fooled if he says he just wanted to be supportive".

Surprisingly, most people blamed the boyfriend instead of her for allowing him and his family to believe she was pregnant.

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