Woman Accidentally Records Fellow Beach-Goer Ruining Her Boyfriend's Romantic Beach Proposal — 'How Can You Be So Insensitive?'

A once in a lifetime moment that can never be redone.

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Some women dream of the moment they will be proposed to for as long as they can remember. It is one of the most memorable and beautiful moments of their lives. 

For one woman, her marriage proposal turned out to be nearly everything but how she envisioned it after a bystander noticed the big moment taking place and decided to insert herself into the action. 

Zennica Llanza was blown away after her boyfriend surprised her with a romantic beach proposal that included a picnic tent, a cake that read, “Will you marry me?” a bouquet of roses and a stunning diamond ring.  During the proposal, Llanza’s boyfriend (now fiancé!) set up a camera to capture the big relationship milestone.


However, neither of them was certainly not expecting a complete stranger to not only walk into the frame but to interfere with the entire engagement. 

Llanza shared an experience that she's since called “how to quickly ruin a proposal.” 

A TikTok video depicts the set-up Llanza’s boyfriend arranged to propose to her as her leads her to read the message on the cake. As she reads it and realizes what is about to happen, her boyfriend gets down on one knee, presents the engagement ring, and delivers a speech he practiced for weeks. 

Midway through the speech, a woman appears in the camera frame and picks up a wooden sign that reads, “Will you marry me?” that toppled over. 


Although it appears that the woman was initially trying to be helpful, she quickly turns into anything but as Llanza graciously accepts her boyfriend’s proposal. 



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As the newly engaged couple embraced, the woman stood only feet away from them trying to fix the sign.


“You guys are so sweet! This is such a cute setup!” she says to them. She walks toward them, compliments the cake, and asks to see the ring before Llanza has even had the chance to have a good look at it herself. 

“Oh, that’s beautiful!” the woman chimes in as Llanza’s boyfriend slips the ring on her finger. The couple is clearly trying their best to enjoy their moment without the woman’s distractions. 

The woman then comments that her daughter is next to get married and asks them if they have seen her anywhere as she continues to walk in front of the camera. 

“How can you be so insensitive in ruining someone’s once-in-a-lifetime moments?” Llanza writes in the text overlay of the video. She adds that their friends, who were watching the proposal off-camera, were signaling to the woman to leave the happy couple alone and let them enjoy their moment. 


Despite the woman’s unwanted presence, Llanza says she was still able to enjoy the moment and would’ve said yes no matter what. 

However, she has an important message for those who ever witness a marriage proposal happening in a public setting. “Please be mindful of other people's once-in-a-lifetime event! You never know you're already ruining it,” she captioned her video. 

“But I won't have this any other way! I'll redo this all over again.” 

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TikTok users were horrified by the woman’s interference in the proposal. 

Many of them criticized her for seemingly having no social awareness. 


“You could excuse the first few seconds with good intentions but the rest I feel like we’re just really bad manners and not having any self-awareness,” one user commented. 

“It just kept getting worse,” another user pointed out. 

“This is exactly why I want a private proposal,” another user shared. 


While it can be exciting to see a marriage proposal happening live, and naturally you’re going to want to know if it was accepted and to see the ring, the moment is going to be one that the couple is likely going to be telling their children and their grandchildren about, and one that will forever be burned into their minds. 

Please be respectful of this memory by leaving the pair undisturbed while the proposal is happening, and if you want to offer your congratulations, wait until the two have had at least time to admire the ring! 

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