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Man Proposes To Girlfriend At Her College Graduation And People Say It Was The 'Wrong Move'

Photo: @proposalsinwonderland / Instagram
Man proposing to girlfriend at college graduation

A video showing a young man proposing to his girlfriend during her graduation is circulating the internet with people debating whether or not it was a good idea. While some say it's a sweet gesture, making her important day even more special by handing her a ring, others think it's wrong to propose at someone else's graduation.

The woman's boyfriend was criticized for proposing at her college graduation.

The Instagram video captured the man getting on his knees while the girlfriend covered her face, smiling and in the midst of tears — a beautiful moment that many commenters agreed was not fair to her.

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The comment section was full of people saying that “It was her important day, why are you going to ask her to marry her at her graduation? It's like proposing to her on her birthday! Let people have their special day.”

Many people agreed that the man shouldn’t have proposed to her on her “special day” and that he should have waited for a better time. “Men should learn that if you're on an important day, you shouldn't do these things to get all the attention, there are times to do this,” one person wrote in the comments.

Some even said that he ruined her graduation completely by proposing to her and that “He won't even let you graduate in peace.” Comments on the thread even discussed that proposing on her graduation day suggested that he was in it for the money as she had just gotten a degree.

Despite the negativity, there were some positive and supportive comments.

Regardless of the negative comments that question his true love for this woman, some comments were nice, pleasant to see, and happy for the engaged couple. “Wonder what that kind of love feels like. Cheers to Love!” someone wrote.

Another comment specifically addressed the others by saying, “This joy is what some want to destroy. And for those who only think about money, any action done in a group is more bearable than doing it alone. Marriage is a life project.”

Some mentioned that two moments full of joy don't cancel out the other and that if anything, her joy was multiplied. It was her graduation, and it will always be the day she graduated but now it’s a day of achievement on her end and an achievement knowing that she has a partner that will love and cherish her forever. 

You can feel the emotion flowing through the woman in the video which clearly captures how happy she is, which is the most important part.

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The video sparks debate on the larger question of the best time to propose.

A lot of commenters addressed how “Men need to stop pulling focus away from women’s achievements. Now that day will forever be about them and not her.” 

Australian feminist writer, broadcaster and public speaker once commented on a similar proposal, saying, "why do men look at situation where women have achieved something for themselves, where they are about to receive praise and admiration...and they think, 'hmm, you know what? I'm going to make this moment about me.'"



However, many people noted that as long as the person being proposed to is happy, then people should be happy for them and for the couple.

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