Wife Opens Up Her Marriage After Catching Husband Cheating — Now He Wants Advice Because He's Miserable

The thought of her being with other people "kills me".

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You know what they say. Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. A man recently found out the hard way that the grass is not greener on the other side.

An October 22 post to Reddit's "TrueOffMyChest" subreddit has recently been making the round on the site and on TikTok after one man's story outraged viewers.

“I cheated on my wife three years ago. She agreed to forgive me if we open the marriage but now, I live in agony every day,” the man titled his post.

The 41-year-old man’s 39-year-old wife found out that he had been involved in an affair with a woman he had found online.


The mistress lived two hours away from the couple and when she visited, the disloyal husband got a hotel room so he could spend time with her.

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He explains that the entanglement continued for three months, with his wife catching them together on a few occasions.



The last time they were caught in the act, his wife was waiting in the hotel lobby when he and his mistress emerged from their room. She decided to end the marriage the next day.

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His wife agrees to reconcile under one condition.

The couple went their separate ways for eight months and the man explains that the breakup of the family took a heavy toll on him, his wife, and their children.

He desperately wanted his wife back, but she had a stipulation for her return. According to the husband, “My wife thought that since our life wasn’t enough for me, we might as well open the marriage.”


She believed that her husband had shown a propensity for cheating time and time again and could no longer believe that he would ever be faithful.

He told her, “No. I’ve learned [from] my mistake.” She refused to negotiate on the terms of her reentry into the broken marriage.

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He relented and agreed to an open marriage.

Wanting his wife back by any means necessary, the hypocritical husband agreed to the arrangement.

He and his wife set ground rules that they would keep their sexual conquests and information about who they were seeing to themselves.

Fast forward two years and the tables have certainly turned. The man explains, “We are back to normal on the outside. On the inside, I’m dying a little each day.”


He goes on to say that whenever his wife is happy, he wonders if it is because someone else is on her mind.

He now says, “She is a very beautiful woman and I’m sure she has no problem finding men who want her.” RoRo rolls her eyes at this statement, aware of the irony in his compliment.

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His mind is constantly preoccupied with thoughts of her being with other men if she showers upon returning home or rejects him when he comes onto her

The husband is besieged with thoughts of his formerly loyal being with someone else and tells the hosts “it kills me” to which they respond by laughing out loud.


Through uncontrollable laughter, Omar says, “I feel you, brother, I feel you.” Like most people, the pair is amused by the karma the wayward husband is facing.

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Now he wants to “close” the marriage again.

Clearly unable to take a dose of his own medicine the man shares that he asked his wife if they could go back to being monogamous again.

To his painful surprise, she has shut down any discussion of the couple returning to the once faithful life she thought they shared together.


Any time he attempts to broach the subject, his wife threatens divorce, the last thing on earth he wants.

Viewers are thoroughly entertained by his suffering.

There was no shortage of commenters laughing at the sad man’s justice. One person said, “Honestly he’s living his karma,” while another made a video game reference, “Finish him (Mortal Combat voice)”.

Some even thought that the wife might just be playing with his head. One comment read “What's crazy is, the wife probably isn't even sleeping with anyone. His karma is him imagining that she is.”

The moral of the story is to treat others how you want to be treated, especially your spouse. It would be a shame for someone to pull a ‘you’ on you.


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