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Woman Burns Down Boyfriend's House After She Believed That He Was Cheating On Her

Photo: GoFundMe / Bexar County Sheriff's Office 
tommy garay, senaida soto

A Texas man received the shock of his life when his girlfriend FaceTimed him from his home while he was away, and noticed that the house was engulfed in flames.

Tommy Garay had been dating his girlfriend, 23-year-old Senaida Soto, for a month when she believed she found evidence of his cheating an felt compelled to act.

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The man’s girlfriend had reportedly burned his house down after believing that he was cheating on her. 

One day, while Garay was out of the house, Soto FaceTimed him and was alarmed when a woman answered the phone. 

The woman was later confirmed by police that the woman was a relative of Garay. 

Assuming that her boyfriend was cheating on her, Soto broke into his home and stole multiple items before setting it ablaze. 

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Before the house was completely engulfed in flames, Soto FaceTimed Garay, telling him, “I hope your stuff is going to be okay,” before hanging up. 

Garay called the fire department, however, by the time they arrived, most of his household possessions — including his two-year-old daughter’s shoes, toys, and clothes — were destroyed by the fire. 

According to the “San Antonio Express-News,” police obtained surveillance footage of Soto setting a couch in Garay’s home on fire. 

Her actions caused an estimated $50,000 worth of damages. 

Soto was identified in the footage, and a witness claimed to see her leave the house with items that she placed in her car. 

She was arrested and faces charges of burglary and arson. She is being held with a set bond of $164,000.

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Garay has set up a GoFundMe page to help him and his daughter get back on their feet. 

“On November 20, 2022, the house where my 2-year-old daughter and I lived in was burglarized/ vandalized and was set on fire by my ex-girlfriend while I was away from my home,” Garay wrote on the GoFundMe page. 

“This is such a devastating time for us, as this home, was the home my dad and I grew up in, this home has been part of my family for generations. The memories are gone in a blink of an eye.” 

Garay wrote that he never could’ve imagined “being a victim of such crimes” and that the situation has been “traumatizing” for his daughter, who is asking her father why they cannot return home. 

“I’m only asking for help because unfortunately my daughter and I need it, If you can help my daughter and I get back on our feet it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!” Garay wrote. 

Garay set a goal of raising $50,000. As of November 30, $16,135 has been donated. 

Many donors offered their support to Garay and his daughter. 

“It is so hard to start over and for it to occur deliberately is just a tragedy. My prayers are with you and your daughter,” one donor commented. 

“I feel sorry about what happened to your family. I hope you find someone else who best suits you and your little girl,” another donor wrote. 

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