Woman's Mother-In-Law Tells Her 'I'm Glad My Son Cheated On You' After She Refused To Pay Her MIL’s Bills— So She Got Revenge In The Best Way

She told her daughter-in-law that her 'kind' are always selfish.

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Relationships between a man’s wife and his mother are best when both parties enter them with an open mind and a welcoming demeanor. Nevertheless, there are endless stories of mothers-in-law ruining weddings, defending the indefensible, and making obvious differences between their step grandchildren and their biological ones.

But one woman had good reason to dislike her mother-in-law.

The woman reveals how she got the ultimate revenge on her mother-in-law who disrespected and degraded her.

In a story originally posted to Reddit, then shared on the ‘Relaxing Time Stories’ TikTok account, the woman shared that she, a 26-year-old Black female, and her husband, a 27-year-old white male, have been together for five years.


Her husband comes from a family of means while she had to “grind for everything” she has. For that reason, his family insisted that she sign a prenuptial agreement before they wed. She understood and agreed but made her husband sign a prenup as well, protecting any assets she would acquire.



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Just six months into their marriage, her husband landed a job in Information Technology (IT), making about $130,000 a year while she was just getting started in her real estate career and making $84,000 annually.

The two kept their finances separate and after some time, her husband was laid off from his job while she was able to build her own list of clients remotely and launch her own realty business. Her entrepreneurial venture went well, and she eventually surpassed her partner’s income.

After her husband found out how much money she was making, he said, “We are rich now and I don’t have to work anymore.” According to her, she looked at him “like he had two heads” and told him her money was hers and he would still have to work and pull his weight.

Defiantly, the woman's husband insisted he no longer needed a job and suggested that some of his wife’s money go toward his mother’s home remodel.

When she looked at him with confusion and asked what had happened to his money from working, he said that his money was his and that he was ordering his wife to pay for his mother’s home remodeling.


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He went on to say that he had already known how much money she made and hadn’t been looking for a job since being laid off. He had also already promised his mom that his spouse would foot the bill for her renovations.

“If you want to help your mother, you can do it yourself,” she said before leaving the conversation.


When she came home early from her office the next day, she walked in on a conversation that her husband and her mother-in-law were having and stopped to listen. His mother said, “I don’t why I let you marry that n-word. They are selfish.”

Shocked and angry by what she’d heard, the woman waited for her husband to speak up in her defense, but he only said that some are selfish, but not all, in response to his mom’s blatant racism.

His wife told him she wanted a divorce before packing her bags and leaving the residence.

The stunned wife went to another property she owned to pull herself together and digest what had just happened. While there, her husband and his family called repeatedly, accusing her of being overly sensitive and trying to justify her mother-in-law’s repulsive words.

The barrage of calls made her question whether or not she was overreacting.


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Viewers were shocked by the husband and his mother’s behavior and desperately wanted an update.

The estranged wife revisited the post to let them know what had happened since then. She started by thanking everyone for the support she had received before warning them to, “Please get your snacks and wine and whatever because I am very petty, and I am very petty and probably a [total a—hole] for the things I did. But do I care? No. Because sometimes, revenge is very sweet.”




After getting some unexpected support from her husband's father and her mother-in-law's ex-husband, she met her attorney and confirmed that her income was stable and that her prenuptial agreement would hold up if she divorced her husband. But in the back of her mind, she admittedly still loved her husband and wanted to work it out.

The woman met with her spouse and her mother-in-law at a restaurant and said the conversation started out promising but quickly went south. They both apologized to her, and she acknowledged their remorse.

But things took a turn when the disrespectful matriarch asked her daughter-in-law if she was still willing to help with her home renovation and her bills.

After the Redditor responded with an emphatic “No”, her mother-in-law became confused because she’d apologized and expected that to be enough. She told her husband’s mother, “Just because you apologized doesn’t mean I’m ready to accept it and you’re not going to bully me into thinking otherwise.”


Astonished by her daughter-in-law’s audacity, the woman called her “self-centered” and said, “Your kind is always self-centered and I’m glad my son cheated on you. We are going to get the money from spousal support.” She laughed to keep from crying and knew that what her mother-in-law had said was true after her husband refused to make eye contact with her.

The betrayed wife told her husband he would receive divorce papers that evening and wouldn’t get a dime out of her due to the prenup he had insisted on years earlier.

She paid for her food and left the establishment, later returning to the marital home to move her belongings out.

Since then, the woman said that her mother-in-law has been evicted because she could not afford to pay without her “selfish” daughter-in-law’s assistance. To add insult to injury, the successful realtor bought the house after her ex-husband’s mom was kicked out. Apparently, her ex was unable to hold on to his property as well. He and his mother have moved in with his brother.


Admitting that she needed revenge because divorce wasn’t enough, she went on to say, “I wanted him to regret everything by living his dream. I am moving to Malibu to live the ‘rich’ life, but not only am I moving there — I also bought the house he has been looking at for years. And my ‘kind’ will be staying there for Christmas.”

Identifying toxic family members and creating a plan to deal with them is important for your mental and emotional health.

‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ but is getting revenge really worth it? Doing battle with a toxic family member can subject you to verbal abuse and ongoing conflict, both of which are detrimental to your mental health. You have the right to let them know how you feel and set healthy boundaries. And if things don't change, it's in your best interest to cut your losses and protect your peace. 

In-laws who play the victim, are overbearing, belittle you or constantly try to influence your partner's choices can be detrimental to the success of your marriage. Set boundaries right away so your parents know that you respect your spouse and expect them to do the same. It's much easier to set standards for how family treats one another upfront than it is to rebuild trust and respect when they never existed in the first place. 

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