Mother-In-Law Interrupts Gender Reveal To Hug Son Before He Can Congratulate His Pregnant Wife

The mother-in-law is being called "overbearing" for ruining the couple's moment.

mother-in-law running up to hug son after gender reveal TikTok

A mom-to-be was left shocked after her gender reveal was interrupted before she could share a moment with her husband.

The entire debacle was captured by TikTok user Alyssa, who shared the moment she and her husband found out the gender of their baby. While the moment was definitely sweet, it was quickly cut off by her husband's mother, who didn't even give the couple a moment to themselves before running up to her son.


Her mother-in-law ran up and hugged her son during the gender reveal.

In the video, all of the family and friends of the expecting couple were gathered on the lawn of their house. Alyssa and her husband stood on the steps as each guest, including them, held gender-reveal confetti cannons.

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mother-in-law hugging son during gender revealPhoto: TikTok


Each person got ready to twist the cannons to reveal the gender of Alyssa and her husband's baby, which turned out to be a boy as blue confetti erupted from each cannon. Immediately, all of the guests are overjoyed, smiling and laughing as they watch the blue confetti in the sky.

However, the person recording the video zooms onto the happy couple, who are smiling and clearly happy. Before they have a chance to embrace or share a moment together after finding out the gender of their baby, Alyssa's mother-in-law quickly runs up the stairs to her son before hugging him.

Standing beside him, Alyssa watched on with a mix of shock and irritation at her mother-in-law's rude interjection. In the caption of her video, Alyssa pointed out that she's the one having the baby, not her husband's mother. "Is my [mother-in-law] having his baby, or am I..?"

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Her mother-in-law was accused of being overbearing.

In another video, Jessica Hassan reacted to Alyssa's video and offered advice to women in relationships with men who are considered "mama's boys" and have "overbearing" mothers who are constantly ruining events such as a gender reveal.

"Ladies, this is your sign. If he's a mama's boy, if he has a 'boy mom' that's overbearing and she's already bothering you before the marriage, run," Hassan said as she pointed out the moment Alyssa's mother-in-law ran up to hug her son.

Hassan accused Alyssa's mother-in-law of "ruining" the couple's moment by not letting them embrace before she cut in to hug her son. "When I first saw this video, I thought that was his child from a previous relationship who was 12 years old running up to hug her dad."

response to mother-in-law running to hug son during gender revealPhoto: TikTok


However, when Hassan went to read the comments, she was appalled to learn that it wasn't his daughter, but his mother. "She didn't even wait for him to hug his wife," she said in disbelief.

"Imagine you're this pregnant woman, you went through all this party planning. You set up the gender reveal, you had to keep yourself from knowing. All for this moment, with her partner, to find out the gender of their baby."

Hassan pointed out that in the video, Alyssa's facial expression is one of complete devastation, while her husband is fully embracing his mother and not even sparing a glance at his pregnant wife. "And it's a boy. She's a boy mom, she's gonna be a boy grandma."

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In the comments section, people were equally appalled by the mother-in-law's behavior.

"That was so disrespectful. I learned I can't date someone [whose] family comes first & everything else second. I got tired of being on the back burner," one TikTok user shared.

Another user added, "Boy mums will literally act like the wife is a surrogate for her and her son," while a third TikTok user pointed out, "That's so sad."

However, other TikTok users pointed out that the couple had plenty of time to embrace, and that it isn't the mother-in-law's fault for wanting to congratulate her son.


"I feel like they had plenty of time to hug if they were going to hug. I wouldn’t [have] been mad she’s gonna be a grandma she’s excited too," a fourth TikTok user remarked

Another commenter agreed, writing, "Really? Everyone is upset? I wouldn't mind honestly. Grandma is super excited. I would join in with a hug."

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