Wife Calls Her Husband 'Disrespectful' After She Spots A Long Hair Growing Out Of Her Chin

She claimed that her husband was setting her up for failure by not pointing out the chin hair and letting her go out in public with it.

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A woman took to social media to call out her husband for failing to let her know that something about her appearance was off.

In a TikTok video, DeAsia Powell ranted to her followers about her husband, Antoine Green, and claimed that he had been trying to sabotage her by neglecting to inform her about a hair that was growing in an unnatural place on her face, despite seeing her all of the time and most likely noticing it himself.


She accused her husband of being 'disrespectful' for not telling her about the hair growing on her chin.

"I'm about to show you all how freaking disrespectful my husband is! Look at this! Just look!" exclaimed Powell at the start of her video. Powell, who is a content creator, had been playfully calling out her husband, Green, whom she'd been dating for the last three years before the two exchanged vows in July 2023.

Using the camera on her phone, Powell zoomed in on a single strand of hair that had been growing from her chin, clearly taken aback and annoyed that her husband had probably noticed it and simply didn't say anything about it. Powell claimed that she was "growing a whole beard" and Green was being a terrible partner for not telling her to pluck it and letting her just walk around with it.




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"You didn't have the decency to tell me? You kissed me! Every single day you kissed me and you see this?" Powell continued, speaking directly to Green at this point.

Of course, she was only joking, and on her TikTok page, she often posts sweet and endearing content about her and Green. It's easy to tell from her platform that the two are very much in love and she doesn't actually dislike her husband for not pointing out the hair on her chin.


"I know you seen this! I am so upset because I've been in everybody's space growing a freaking beard!" she exclaimed.

Green even chose to play along, commenting on his wife's video and admitting that he was confused about how this had turned back on him. "How is that my fault?" he jokingly wrote, adding the laughing emoji. While not knowing the inner workings of their relationship, it's clear that Powell and Green have a playful dynamic and like to poke fun at each other, and this is just another example of that.

Another content creator defended Powell's husband and claimed that the long hair on her chin probably didn't phase him.

In response to Powell's video, a popular influencer named Jeff Morrow stitched her video and acknowledged that while he loves her relationship with Green and knows that she was only playing around with him, the chin hair debate shouldn't fall on him.

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"I'm coming to defend your husband in the situation," Morrow strongly stated. "Even though you had a little black strand with the whole bunch of fuzzies, he was still kissing you every day. He was still loving you at 110% and he didn't let the little chin fuzz get to him."



Morrow continued, pointing out that that kind of love is hard to come by and should be cherished. He also acknowledged that Green's obliviousness to the chin hair is probably one of the reasons why Powell married him because, at the end of the day, he still loved her even if she felt insecure by the chin hair.

"With all due respect, how would you like him to approach that conversation?" he added. "No matter how he tries to bring it up, he thinks he's gonna lose that conversation." 


Morrow claimed that instead of Green possibly bringing up the chin hair and causing Powell to be upset for something that naturally happens to women, he instead chose to love her unconditionally because it didn't particularly bother him. "Take it easy on him just a little bit. Don't be mad," Morrow said.

Morrow's take is an incredibly endearing way to look at it and is true for many couples. If you've been together with someone for as long as Powell and Green have been, at certain points, the little flaws that might bother one person in the couple could easily roll off the back of the other.

Little hairs popping up on women's faces is incredibly normal and nothing to be ashamed about. If Green happened to notice the chin hair, it wasn't something that demanded his immediate call-out because, for him, it didn't matter and didn't take away from how much he loves and adores his wife.


In the grand scheme of love, a little bit of chin hair can be something trivial that simply adds to the deep and emotional love between couples.

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