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Woman Reveals How She Intentionally Stuns Men Into Not Wanting A Second Date

Photo: @jbrundz / TikTok
Jo Brundza

In the world of modern dating, having an enjoyable first date can often come few and far between. Between meeting on different dating apps or on social media, it can be hard to find a genuine connection, making it even more awkward to let people down easily once you realize you're not interested in them.

However, one woman named Jo Brundza shared the genius and hilarious thing she does on first dates once she realizes she doesn't want to go on a second one.

She explained the one thing she does to her dates so they don't want to see her again.

That thing? She tries to convince her dates that the moon is fake.

"One of my favorite bits that I do is when I'm on a first date, and if at any point during that first date, I come to the realization that I just don't want there to be a second date. I'm not feeling it, from the point of that realization on, I spend the rest of the date trying to convince the other person that I don't think the moon is real," Brundza began in her video. 



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She continued, saying that while she, of course, doesn't believe it, she finds it funny to poke fun at her date and turn what was probably a terrible evening into something humorous, at least for her. Brundza also clarified that she doesn't try and convince them that the moon landing is fake, but that the actual moon in the sky doesn't exist.

"They're typically too stunned to argue back," she wrote in the video's caption. 

In the comments section, people found Brundza's tactic hysterical and even shared their own version of "the moon being fake" rhetoric they say on first dates that aren't going well.

"I took a horrible date down the rabbit hole of 'Birds Aren't Real' and it was so completely unhinged," one TikTok user wrote.

Another user added, "I say horoscopes are the destiny, tarot cards are the truth, Barbie movie is the new Bible, they lose interest so fast."

"Same because I’m obviously not interested or entertained by him, so I make it entertaining and have a good time by just telling insane stories," a third user chimed in. 

Brundza's tactic begs the question of whether people should give explanations if they are no longer interested in their date.

The question of whether someone owes an explanation to the person they are either dating or went on one date with if they are no longer interested in pursuing a romantic relationship is a matter of personal values and individual circumstances. Of course, there is no universally correct answer, as people have different opinions on this matter.

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However, many relationship experts agree that it's best to be upfront and honest with someone. According to life coach Mitzi Bockmann, BA, CLC, the best way to reject someone nicely "is to speak from your own perspective."

"Don't say 'you aren't right for me,' but rather, 'I know that I am looking for something different' or 'I don't feel connected to you,'" she explained to YourTango. "That way you aren't attacking them personally, judging them, but rather speaking about your own needs. No matter what, it might hurt, but the pain will be less if you don't attack them."

Providing an explanation can be a respectful way to express your feelings and intentions, while also allowing the other person to understand where they stand and can prevent misunderstandings or hurt feelings.

On the other hand, many women have been victims of gender-based violence because of telling a man no and rejecting any romantic advances, which would be a good enough reason for women to not want to endanger their lives in the chance that something nefarious could happen because of it.

The dating world can be hard to navigate, and while there is no right answer to this question, what's important is that throughout this journey of finding that special someone, we try to treat the people that we're dating with the same kind of respect we'd want to be treated with. 

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