Why Jennifer Lopez's Assistant Quit To Join Her Longtime Rival Mariah Carey's Team


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Jennifer Lopez was allegedly left less than impressed after an employee on her team decided to leave and go work for her longtime rival.

For years, Lopez and Mariah Carey have been embroiled in a rather public feud that started during the 90s as both singers rose to fame. 

However, it is alleged that the fiery drama between Lopez and Carey was further stoked after Lopez lost one of her staff members to the "Honey" singer.


Why Jennifer Lopez's assistant quit and started working for her longtime rival, Mariah Carey.

According to Radar Online, in October 2013, Lopez's assistant, Geetanjali "Gilly" Iyer quit after having worked for the "Let's Get Loud" singer for years.

The breaking point for Iyer had been Lopez's then-boyfriend, Casper Smart.

Lopez and Smart dated on and off from 2011 to 2016, after initially meeting while Smart was working as a backup dancer on her tour.

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Their relationship eventually fizzled out after Smart, 18 years Lopez's junior, was rumored to have been involved with one of her dancers.


Smart's relationship with Lopez eventually cost the singer her trusted assistant, Iyer.

A source told Radar Online that Iyer resigned due to Smart's poor treatment of Lopez's staff, and the entitlement he exhibited toward them.

"Gilly had enough, she was over it," the source told the publication. "Casper always insisted that Jennifer’s staff call him Mr. Smart and even demanded that Gilly get him drinks."

It didn't take long for Iyer to decide she no longer wanted to work for Lopez and went to work for music producer Jermaine Dupri, who at the time was also a close employee and friend of Carey.

"Gilly had been looking to leave for some time and as soon as Mariah hired Jermaine, she quit. Jennifer was stunned. But she has already hired a replacement."


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Lopez has previously been involved in feuds with her former staff members.

While Lopez quickly replaced Iyer after she quit, the "Jenny from the Block" singer has been involved in plenty of feuds with former employees and even current ones.

The most infamous public dispute happened between Lopez and her longtime manager, Benny Medina.

In 2003, Lopez fired Medina after accusing him of violating California’s Talent Agency Act. In her complaint, Lopez sought “full restitution” from Medina and his agency, as well as 10% interest.


Medina hit back shortly after the suit was filed, claiming that Lopez was lying.

"The accusation that I misappropriated money from Jennifer Lopez is both untrue and offensive," his statement read.

"Jennifer Lopez, by making false allegations against me, is now trying to add me to the long list of people whom she has used and discarded after she took from them all she could get."


Lopez and Medina eventually mended their relationship, and in 2008, he was rehired to manage Lopez once again.

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