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Fans Claim Louis Tomlinson’s New Relationship Is Being 'Staged' For Publicity After Seeing Video Of His Alleged Date

Louis Tomlinson, Sofie Nyvang

Louis Tomlinson has been spotted holding hands with a woman fans believe to be his new girlfriend.

Hearts are breaking around the globe as Tomlinson is apparently off the dating market once more having been seen out and about with the lucky lady, Sofie Nyvang.

The singer, whose bachelor lifestyle was short-lived following his split from his long-term girlfriend late last year, is now being linked to a new woman.

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Who is Louis Tomlinson's new girlfriend, Sofie Nyvang? 

Photos of Tomlinson and Nyvang together circulated on February 16, 2023. The photos feature the new couple walking while holding hands and to-go cups of coffee.



Tomlinson and Nyvang look heavy-metal chic, as Tomlinson wears a faded Black Sabbath t-shirt, and Nyvang wears a black Metallica t-shirt, with a black manicure to match.

While this is the first and only time the two have been seen together publicly, fans have already started speculating on their relationship.

Sofie Nyvang is a 22-year-old model and influencer from Copenhagen, Denmark.

She has 29,500 Instagram followers and 6,300 TikTok followers — a number that we can assume will soar once One Direction fans catch wind of Tomlinson's new relationship.

Nyvang's Instagram bio features the Danish flag and states that she is based in Los Angeles, California while her TikTok bio states that she hails from Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

According to her Facebook, Nyvang was born in Holte, Denmark in July 2001, making her sun sign Cancer. Tomlinson's sun is in Capricorn, in case you're wondering.

So, if you're wondering whether their signs are compatible, read here for yourself!

Nyvang studied business in college in Denmark.

On her Facebook profile, Nyvang states that she Niels Brock International High School in Copenhagen from 2016 until 2019.

After graduating high school, she began attending Copenhagen Business School in September 2020.

She’s studied Business Administration and Service Management. In addition to her studies, Nyvang is also a model.

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Nyvang is represented by Siren Agency in Los Angeles.

According to their website, Siren Agency is a “Los Angeles-based full-service, non-exclusive talent agency.”

As they state on their website, they “connect the hottest brands and influencers, manage content and grow accounts.”

Nyvang's social media accounts feature lifestyle, fitness and beauty content, including a TikTok video of her morning routine which she shared on January 29, 2022.



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Tomlinson and Nyvang support different football clubs.

Tomlinson is the co-owner of the Doncaster Rovers, with whom he played a game in February 2014.

According to Nyvang’s Facebook page, she’s a fan of the Liverpool Football Club.

Fans have accused Tomlinson and Nyvang of staging their paparazzi images.

With every new One Direction dating rumor comes floods of fans hoping to spot holes in the band members' stories and this latest dating rumor is no different.

Fans were quick to repost a paparazzi video seemingly showing Tomlinson waiting alone, coffee in hand, for Nyvang and determined that it meant the two arrived separately to a prearranged photocall with paparazzi.



While some fans are labeling this a PR stunt, we're guessing Tomlinson was just waiting at an arranged meeting point for his date, as most people do.

Tomlinson and Nyvang are romantically linked after splitting from Eleanor Calder.

News of Tomlinson’s new relationship with Nyvang comes after the announcement that he broke up with his long-term girlfriend Eleanor Calder in January 2023.

Calder is a model and fashion blogger with 3.4 million Instagram followers.

Tomlinson and Calder first started dating in 2011, only to break up in 2015.

They got back together in 2017, until their most recent split in January 2023.

Reports surrounding their breakup claim that their separation was due to Tomlinson’s hectic touring schedule, which separated him from Calder for long periods of time.

During the interim between their first breakup and reconciliation, Tomlinson had a brief fling with Brianna Jungwirth in 2015.

Tomlinson and Jungwirth welcomed a son in January 2016.

Tomlinson’s son, Freddie Reign, is now 7 years old. He lives in LA with his mother, though Tomlinson remains connected to him.

Tomlinson and Calder got back together in 2017, one year after Freddie’s birth.

News of Tomlinson’s new relationship with Nyvang has hit fans of the "Faith In The Future" singer hard.

While many female fans seem to not support the budding romance, other fans are offering Nyvang kind words on her Instagram posts, commenting on her beauty and mentioning that she seems nice.

One Instagram commenter spoke against the hatred of Nyvang succinctly, stating, “Y'all misogynist larries stay away from her, your ship is not real get some help and stop hating on women.”

While not much is known about Nyvang’s personal life, she and Tomlinson deserve a happy future together.

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